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Of close-knit communities and fragile ecosystem, e

untravel number 17 Trips

untravel best time June to September

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By becoming India’s first 100% organic state, Sikk

untravel number 6 Trips

untravel best time October to March

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Swanky malls and metro trains are now a part of Ke

untravel number 25 Trips

untravel best time September to March

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Kenya and Tanzania

Home to the very notion of conservation itself, Ke

untravel number 16 Trips

untravel best time June to October & January to February

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If India is called the land of spiritualism, Uttar

untravel number 19 Trips

untravel best time October to March

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Jungles, waterfalls and a plethora of historical m

untravel number 9 Trips

untravel best time October - April

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Himachal Pradesh

The northern part of India is strewn with mighty m

untravel number 15 Trips

untravel best time September to March

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un[travel] with a positive impact

untravel is devoted to the conscious traveler who wants to make an impact while on a holiday. untravel is about customizing every moment of each trip and making it enjoyable while reducing 'footprints'. When you travel with us you make a meaningful contribution to the sustenance of the environment, the community and the culture of that particular destination.

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It was a wonderful trip to Thailand and Vietnam. All the places were just awesome. The guides hired by un[travel] were genuinely knowledgeable and very supportive and caring. un[travel] has managed and booked all the things very well. We are very much pleased and satisfied with your trip, with your company. Thank you for such an unforgettable experience.

nitish anilkumar [dalal]


You guys really live up to your saying "NO BAD TRIPS". Our trip was a resounding success. The 6 days we spent in Kenya will be dear to us for the rest of our lives. The organisation of the trip was perfect. We always felt special. The hotels were ecofriendly and were quite conscious of the nature around them. You guys really live up to your commitments of providing us with an ecofriendly trip to Kenya. The tour planner of un[travel] has shown exceptional skill in organising this trip. He was available for us for the trip related queries. Thank you guys for this great trip.

aishwerya [raghav]


I travelled to Spain with un[travel]. Every part of the trip was spot on, right from the itinerary to the hotel, the commute within Spain. un[travel] helped reducing my carbon footprints by helping me find some great homestays and local activities. As it was my first trip post marriage, the people at un[travel] made sure of the smallest details and helped us making it a memorable experience. Thanks guys.

arushi [sharma]


My trip to Vietnam and Cambodia was amazing, thanks to untravel for making flawless arrangements. Support from untravel's team was amazing! I wish to make many more trips with untravel and travel the golden treasures of the world.

reefat [rasol]

Vietnam and Cambodia

I had no idea that sustainable holidays were so much fun until I travelled to Kenya with un[travel]. We enjoyed the comfort and the service at all the lodges and the fantastic locations. Learned so much about preserving the environment and culture there. We were right near the lake and the experience of seeing 30 to 40 Hippos grazing on the lawns at night is unforgettable.
Many many thanks to un[travel] for making our trip so memorable.

dipa [chaudhuri]


Me and my husband choose to take the help of un[travel] when we decided to explore the Khasi Hills of Meghalaya. We engaged in a lot of activities that seemed to impact the local community in a positive way. We realized the importance of sustainable living and travelling sustainably as well. The un[travel] team at all times from the planning to execution to post planning stage stayed in continuous touch with us, ensuring that the vacation was of our liking, at our pace, keeping in mind our interests, while continuously warning us of possible side effects and limitations of our ideas.
What is even most deserving of a special mention is that when curfew was suddenly imposed in Shillong, they made alternate arrangements in less than an hour at Cherrapunji and ensured that we stayed safe and that our vacation would still go on unhindered. Loved the care, the concern, that team un[travel] showed us. You guys are incharge of all our vacations henceafter.

geetanjali [mishra]

North East

Team un[travel] made my travel to Switzerland so easy and smooth. We didn't have to worry about anything - be it airport transfers or hotel bookings. We had a great time. Special thanks to team un[travel]'s efforts to make our holiday memorable. Thanks a lot!

urvashi [singh]


Great experience with the un[travel] team and the overall arrangements was very good especially the response time.

haritabh [chugh]


Amazing support from un[travel] team, was very helpful throughout and did everything to perfection, couldn't have asked for more.

chaitanya krishna [grosu]


We had a wonderful time there. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to untravel team who was very patient and extra accommodative regarding our needs and made our holiday a wonderful experience and a special mention about the ground staff there in Port Blair and Havelock as well. They have been very cordial and punctual and were open to the changes we made right at the moment and made everything smooth. Cheers and keep doing the great work...Love to get in touch with you guys on our next destination!!


Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Positive Impact Stories

Holidays in India

Ladakh Hemis Festival

Ladakh is full of stories and apart from the lands

Duration : 7 Days

₹33,400  per person

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The Hundurman Stories - A Living Heritage

Impact: Exploring the remote areas takes the off p

Duration : 3 Days

₹15,000  per person

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The Last Shangri-La

Impact: Staying in homestays directly benefits the

Duration : 10 Days

₹55,000  per person

Know More

A Week in Ladakh

Over high passes, lies some of Ladakh's most beaut

Duration : 7 Days

₹33,500  per person

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Offbeat Ladakh

Ladakh isn't a series of paintings hung up on a wa

Duration : 8 Days

₹38,100  per person

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Best of Ladakh

Ladakh is a storehouse of some astonishing valleys

Duration : 10 Days

₹50,600  per person

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Ladakh in Short

Luxury of time has become a rare component with th

Duration : 5 Days

₹17,500  per person

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Trans Himalayan Ladakh Safari - via Manali

Getting into Ladakh wasn't easy; mighty snowed-in

Duration : 12 Days

₹77,700  per person

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Trans Himalayan Ladakh Safari - via Srinagar

Snowed-in passes, unforgiving rivers, landslides a

Duration : 12 Days

₹76,800  per person

Know More

A Winter in Ladakh

Forget all the azure shade pictures of Lada

Duration : 7 Days

₹29,900  per person

Know More

Snow Leopard Expedition

Ghosts of the mountain' they are called. Elusive b

Duration : 12 Days

₹100,000  per person

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Holidays around the world

Walking Safari with the Maasai Tribe

Impact: The local supplier endeavors to conserve k

Duration : 5 Days

₹159,049  per person

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Porini Equator Safari

Impact: You stay in environmentally-friendly Eco-C

Duration : 5 Days

₹201,721  per person

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Sustainable Safaris

Impact: You stay in environmentally-friendly Eco-C

Duration : 5 Days

₹224,997  per person

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Kenya - The Best of the Best

The ceaseless spirit of adventure and romance make

Duration : 6 Days

₹115,524  per person

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Kenya - Exploring the Highlands and Grasslands

With its expansive, diverse landscapes and formida

Duration : 5 Days

₹105,904  per person

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Think Safari - Think Kenya

Where better for a first taste of wild Africa than

Duration : 5 Days

₹103,033  per person

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Kenya - The Lure of Masai Mara

The only man I envy is the man who has not yet bee

Duration : 6 Days

₹128,481  per person

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Kenya - Engaging With the Wild

Surrounded by calderas and mountain ranges, the vi

Duration : 7 Days

₹162,851  per person

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Tanzania - Of Grasslands and A Crater

Tanzania is a magical place. The land where treasu

Duration : 7 Days

₹226,238  per person

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Amboseli Naivasha and Masai Mara

The lakes in Kenya attracts some of the most stunn

Duration : 6 Days

₹139,188  per person

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Safari and Sopa Lodges in Kenya

Kenya is known for its wildlife but there's one ot

Duration : 5 Days

₹120,567  per person

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A Week in Kenya

Surrounded by calderas and mountain ranges, the vi

Duration : 7 Days

₹172,782  per person

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Explore True Kenya

From vast plains to snow-capped mountain summits,

Duration : 9 Days

₹220,729  per person

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untravel blog 1

Why a Homestay is your best bet in Ladakh

Planning a trip to Ladakh? Once you have decided the places you want to visit and have mapped out your itinerary, comes the biggest challenge before your trip – deciding and booking your accommodation. Ladakh has something more to offer. Looking for pocket-friendly accommodations, which help the locals as well as the environment, while experiencing the real culture of Ladakh.

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untravel blog 2

The Story Behind the Living Roots Bridges

Necessity is the mother of all inventions. The astonishing root bridges of Meghalaya were not built by the local tribesmen so that one day a dollar doling tourist would come across it and announce their exotic existence to the world.

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untravel blog 3

Bhutan is much more than a happy place

Thinking of Bhutan- the happiest place on earth, one may start to wonder how did it get there or may even question that is it really so? Travellers go all the way to find the truth behind the whole happiness ‘myth’ and they all come back having nothing but “indeed” on their lips.

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