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Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Far removed from the chaos of the mainland, the An

untravel number 16 Trips

untravel best time October to March

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Jungles, waterfalls and a plethora of historical m

untravel number 9 Trips

untravel best time October - April

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The tourism brochures call it a land of fire and j

untravel number 14 Trips

untravel best time November - April

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Kenya and Tanzania

Here's a real-life experience of what it feels lik

untravel number 13 Trips

untravel best time June to October & January to February

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Of Lamas and monasteries, butter tea and gently gr

untravel number 14 Trips

untravel best time June to September

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New Zealand

Middle Earth' with a fascinating dose of fresh air

untravel number 10 Trips

untravel best time All throughout the Year

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An epitome of everything Rajasthani, from every po

untravel number 9 Trips

untravel best time November to March

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Vietnam is that charming piece of Southeast Asia t

untravel number 15 Trips

untravel best time September - April

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What is 'untravel'?

untravel is devoted to trips planned your way, and not fixed, restrictive itineraries made by someone else for you. untravel is about customizing every moment of each trip. Picking out experiences that excite you. Staying at places that are truly unique. And charting out every day, at your pace, on your terms.

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Me and my husband choose to take the help of un[travel] when we decided to explore the Khasi Hills of Meghalaya. It was a decision that I will never regret. The un[travel] team at all times from the planning to execution to post planning stage stayed in continuous touch with us, ensuring that the vacation was of our liking, at our pace, keeping in mind our interests, while continuously warning us of possible side effects and limitations of our ideas.
What is even most deserving of a special mention is that when curfew was suddenly imposed in Shillong, they made alternate arrangements in less than an hour at Cherrapunji and ensured that we stayed safe and that our vacation would still go on unhindered. Loved the care, the concern, that team un[travel] showed us. You guys are incharge of all our vacations henceafter.

geetanjali [mishra]

North East

It was a wonderful trip to Thailand and Vietnam. All the places were just awesome. The guides hired by un[travel] were genuinely knowledgeable and very supportive and caring. un[travel] has managed and booked all the things very well. We are very much pleased and satisfied with your trip, with your company. Thank you for such an unforgettable experience.

nitish anilkumar [dalal]


Absolutely phenomenal service for anyone looking for an authentic, tasteful, curated and off-the-beaten path experience in India. untravel is the antidote to so many travel services that simply slap together a string of canned, mass-market, overpriced experiences. From our first inquiry, the untravel team listened to our intention for the trip and designed an experience that exceeded our original expectations while keeping costs low. During the actual trip, the team was on call and attentive to anything we needed and provided advice and suggestions to enhance the trip. As they expand to other areas, we look forward to more trips with them again.

chris [shaw]


Amazing support from un[travel] team, was very helpful throughout and did everything to perfection, couldn't have asked for more.

chaitanya krishna [grosu]


My trip to Vietnam and Cambodia was amazing, thanks to untravel for making flawless arrangements. Support from untravel's team was amazing! I wish to make many more trips with untravel and travel the golden treasures of the world.

reefat [rasol]

Vietnam and Cambodia

WOW. What a FANTASTIC trip I had with un[travel]. The company went above and beyond to create a WONDERFUL three week itinerary for me. My travel consultant, was absolutely incredible and if I needed anything at any time of the day or evening, she was always there for me. I plan on returning to India this summer for another long trip and will use NO other company than un[travel]. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making my trip so incredibly amazing!

susan [elizabeth]


Thanks, un[travel] for such a great trip. Not just a trip but a complete book of memories to be kept safe in this journey of life. A well organized and managed trip. Right from deciding the perfect place for a family reunion to selecting the best places suitable for a family. Thanks, Untravel for giving me one of the most cherishable moments of my life. Loved Bali! Loved Indonesia! Loved un[travel]!

pragati [gupta]


We had a wonderful time there. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to untravel team who was very patient and extra accommodative regarding our needs and made our holiday a wonderful experience and a special mention about the ground staff there in Port Blair and Havelock as well. They have been very cordial and punctual and were open to the changes we made right at the moment and made everything smooth. Cheers and keep doing the great work...Love to get in touch with you guys on our next destination!!


Andaman and Nicobar Islands

I travelled to Spain with un[travel]. Every part of the trip was spot on, right from the itinerary to the hotel, the commute within Spain. As it was my first trip post marriage, the people at un[travel] made sure of the smallest details and helped us making it a memorable experience. Thanks guys.

arushi [sharma]


You guys really live live up to your saying "NO BAD TRIPS". Our trip was a resounding success. The 6 days we spent in Kenya will be dear to us for the rest of our lives. The organisation of the trip was perfect. We always felt special. The hotels were clean. The car provided was also excellent. You guys really live up to your commitments. The tour planner of un[travel] has shown exceptional skill in organising this trip. He was available for us for the trip related queries. Thank you guys for this great trip.

aishwerya [raghav]


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Domestic Holidays

Havelock and Port Blair Delights

Renowned for some of Asia's most pristine beaches,

Duration : 4 Days

₹14,700  per person

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A Romantic Getaway in Andaman

Far removed from the chaos of the mainland, the An

Duration : 4 Days

₹19,902  per person

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All About Beaches in Neil and Havelock

Vacation is something where you need to have every

Duration : 5 Days

₹18,500  per person

Know More

The Quintessentials - Havelock Neil and Ross

Home to some of pristine islets, the shimmering bl

Duration : 6 Days

₹22,300  per person

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Weeklong in Baratang Havelock and Neil

un[travel] the subcontinent's serene Andaman Islan

Duration : 7 Days

₹28,100  per person

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Going Offbeat in Baratang Diglipur and Havelock

With white-sand beaches and azure seas, Andaman is

Duration : 9 Days

₹33,700  per person

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Andaman - Beaches and Heritage

A holiday in Andaman is probably the most exotic h

Duration : 6 Days

₹24,222  per person

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International Holidays

Panoramic Australia

Australia is known for many things - astonishing l

Duration : 7 Days

₹51,126  per person

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Australian East Coast

Gear up for some overwhelming time in Australia. I

Duration : 7 Days

₹56,285  per person

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Australian Delight

It might be the smallest continent on the planet,

Duration : 8 Days

₹69,820  per person

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Australia - On Cloud Nine Down Under

Australia is a land of dreams, and it dazzles with

Duration : 13 Days

₹117,830  per person

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Grand Tour of Australia

Australia is a land of spectacles...Explore its vi

Duration : 15 Days

₹130,956  per person

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Super Exciting Sydney

From the bustling Sydney to its beautiful coastlin

Duration : 5 Days

₹51,943  per person

Know More

Best of New Zealand and Australia

It is always stressful to plan a long trip, someti

Duration : 16 Days

₹208,693  per person

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Super Exciting Cairns

From hot-air-balloon breakfasts at sunrise to lear

Duration : 5 Days

₹61,290  per person

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10 Nights of Astounding Australia

Astounding Australia in 10 days, begin your holida

Duration : 11 Days

₹105,419  per person

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Best of Australia

The best of the 'land down under' has everything f

Duration : 11 Days

₹106,491  per person

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Super Exciting Gold Coast

Beach-hop all day and stay up all night for the un

Duration : 5 Days

₹55,468  per person

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Discover Australia

Planning your vacations might give you a hard time

Duration : 10 Days

₹137,749  per person

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untravel blog 1

Things to Do in Andamans : The Bucket List

If you were to make a list of things to do in Andamans, what would it comprise? From scuba diving and snorkelling to parasailing and sea walking, this tropical paradise is the hub of aqua adventures. However, for those who prefer the serenity of nature, these islands also hold the promise of pristine beaches and the grandeur of the Bay of Bengal. Alas, only 36 of the 120 islands are actually inhabitable!

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untravel blog 2

The Story Behind the Living Roots Bridges

Necessity is the mother of all inventions. The astonishing root bridges of Meghalaya were not built by the local tribesmen so that one day a dollar doling tourist would come across it and announce their exotic existence to the world.

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untravel blog 3

Into the wild: Things to do in Kenya

Does the African safari feature on your bucket list? If yes, you simply have to visit Kenya. Almost lying on the earth's equator, this 'Cradle of Humanity' is blessed with an incredible ecological mix comprising the Great Rift Valley, gorgeous silver sand beaches.

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