Malaysia is a glorious platter of choices. Cross the South China to Malaysia’s share of Borneo for the other side of the coin. Admire the Kinabalu Park, a UNESCO heritage site and be amazed at the living cultural museum, Sarawak Cultural Village, Malaysia does tend to keep surprising you with what it can offer and it never stops.
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Best time to Visit: March - September

March - September The best time to visit is generally between March and early October, when you can avoid torrential rains and there is less humidity, though air pollution, usually caused by forest fires in Indonesia, can cause hazy conditions.

  • Mount Kinabalu Climb and Rafting 4 Days

    Upon landing at Kota Kinabalu, the beauty of it doesn't overwhelm you nor does it show itself immediately. But eventually you start noticing the spectrum of arts, culture, cuisine, and breathtaking scenery - Kota Kinabalu is an acquired taste which will pleasantly linger on.

    • Kinabalu National Park, Pana Laban
    • 2 AM sunrise, Low's Peak, White water rafting Kiulu

    Stay: 3, 4, 5 Star Accommodation
    Starting: Rs. 36,755/ person

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  • Wildlife of Sarawak 7 Days

    The corals and sands of Redang Island, the national parks of Bako and Mulu, and the assortment of adventures that is Sarawak.The Wildlife and Orangutan Centers offer a unique perspective on wildlife knowledge for raising awareness and protecting wildlife of all kind.

    • Kubah National Park, Semenggoh Orangutan Centre.
    • Bako National Park, Sarawak Cultural Village.

    Stay: 3, 4, 5 Star Accommodation
    Starting: Rs. 61,258/ person

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  • Mulu Pinnacles Show Caves 4 Days

    The Mulu National Park encapsulates karst formations and explorative caves in a mountainous equatorial rainforest setting. Hike in forests, explore isolated caves, sleep amidst the calming sounds of nature, giving you more perspective on life.

    • Visit to Mulu Pinnalces and Show Caves
    • Clearwater Cave, Cave of the Winds, Deer Cave and Lang Cave

    Stay: 3, 4, 5 Star Accommodation
    Starting: Rs. 26,052/ person

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  • North Borneo Express 7 Days

    Visit those dark and seemingly impenetrable jungles, because what may be inaccessible anywhere else is much sought after here! Borneo has a species-rich equatorial rain forests, a diverse multicultural society, a cuisine just as diverse and delicious, and a warm bunch of people.

    • Kinabalu National Park, SukauBilit Rainforest, Tunku Abdul Rahman Park
    • Kinabatangan River Ox-Bow Lake Cruise
    • Gomantong Forest reserve and Cave

    Stay: 3, 4, 5 Star Accommodation
    Starting: Rs. 71,556/ person

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  • Danum Valley Rainforest Adventure 4 Days

    The jungle of Danum is like a mad scientist's laboratory with spewing out new species of plants almost every week, making it a researcher's paradise. With an assortment of fascinating fauna, the Danum Valley is in itself an adventure with treks up the Mt.Danum completing the package.

    • Kadazandusun burial site, Danum River
    • Jungle Trek – Waterfalls, wildlife and more

    Stay: 3, 4, 5 Star Accommodation
    Starting: Rs. 82,779/ person

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  • Borneo Jungle Trek 5 Days

    Get lost in the enigma that is the Borneo Jungle. Waterfalls, jungle treks and panoramic views of nature all around – fall in love with the wild side of Malaysia.

    • 3 days of Jungle trek
    • Waterfalls: Giluk Falls, Maliau Falls, Ginseng Falls
    • Nerpenthes Camp, Ginseng Camp, Agathis Camp

    Stay: 3, 4, 5 Star Accommodation
    Starting: Rs. 76,062/ person

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