With pristine lakes and some of the worlds’ highest inhabited villages like Kibber and Komic, Spiti leaves you with picture-postcard memories of barren desert and precariously perched monasteries set against a backdrop of clear blue skies. untravel Spiti for experiencing heaven on earth.
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Best time to Visit: June - September

Between late June and mid September, high snow-bound passes remain open and temperatures are pleasant. Expect regular snowfall intervals by the end of October right through to March. Winters, however, are harsh with most places inaccessible thanks to abundant snow.

  • Spiti in A Week 7 Days

    At incredible altitudes with stunning landscape, often compared to Ladakh before tourists took over, Spiti makes a fantastic road-trip destination. un[travel] Spiti and witness some of its remotest villages, valleys, national parks monasteries and a crescent shaped lake, all in a week.

    • Visit to Tabo Lake, Pin Valley, Kibber Village
    • Monastries: Dhankar, Kungri, Kye and Nako
    • Camping at Chandrataal Lake, Excursion to Langza and Komic Villages

    Stay: 3 Star Accomodation
    Starting: Rs. 15000/ person

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  • The Best of Spiti and Kinnaur 10 Days

    A drive from Shimla with pit stops at Kinnaur and culminating at Spiti is an exhilarating road trip. The last Indian village, the over-arching mountains make Kinnaur a paradise for the nature lovers. An area yet untouched by tourism, Spiti offers great trekking opportunities for finding the blissful solitude.

    • Villages: Chitkul, Kibber Village, Pin Valley, Langza and Komic Village
    • Camping by Baspa River, Apple Orchards and Chandrataal Lake, Tabo Lake
    • Monastries: Dhankar, Kungri, Nako and Kye

    Stay: 3 Star Accomodation
    Starting: Rs. 20700/ person

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