There are no two ways about it, Maldives is the quintessential island destination one would long to romance and do some holiday escapades. Located in the Indian Ocean, Maldives comprises of 1,190 Islands scattered among 26 atolls. It is impossible to escape the distinctive beauty of this tropical paradise, with huge postcard-perfect lagoons around the many low-lying islands. It's sheer joy to immerse in the magic and mystery of this island nation, with easy access to pristine wilderness, endless outdoor adventures, jaw-dropping sights, and a vibrant history and culture. Maldives exemplifies the absolute beauty of a beach holiday spot, and its absorbing picturesque scenery is an activity in itself. The places of the Capital City Male is the very definition of exquisite opulence, from stunning religious sites including the 17th century Grand Friday Mosque, built by Sultan Ibrahim Iskandhar, the magnificent edifice President's Palace and to the National Museum, which carries artifacts and treasured stuffs from bygone era. Some of these islands have ruins and artefacts of ancient Buddhist and Hindu settlements prior to the arrival of Islam. Get an authentic glimpse into the day-to-day lifestyle of Maldivians, visiting the fish markets where you see locals selling fish and other local produce.

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Picture Perfect Maldives

Fondly called the honeymoon paradise, Maldives has some enchantingly beautiful beaches, white sandy shores, crystal clear waters and enormous infinity pools. Maldives is formed by 26 natural atolls and make for a beautiful beach holiday. Experience a tranquil escape with uninterrupted ocean and pristine turquoise lagoon views from your resort.

Male offers some great upscale specialty restaurants, ideal for indulging in exquisite Maldivian cuisine options that will keep even the most demanding food fanatics entertained. Male City tour can be the best for someone willing to get the taste of the tranquillity of the tropical island life with ancient historical valued sightseeing places around. Besides having plenty of sightseeing options, the islands here are the go-to destination for all adrenaline junkies, with lots of adventure sporting activities to have a crack at. Cherish the moments of a breath-taking boat trip. Relax, and enjoy the serenity with enviable photo ops the sunset cruise and dolphin cruises offer you, look out for the dolphins, which usually enjoy sunset and twilight over the ocean waters; swim with sea turtles, or just laze around on the beach watching the waves roll in.

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The Maldives has a warm, tropical climate. The weather is warm throughout the year-both in the peak season (November and April) as well as in the low season(May to October). Average temperatures around 25-30 degrees Celsius await you throughout the year. The high season is the months of November to April are the driest months, with little rain and low humidity, with plenty of sunshine and warmth. The months of February and March are the driest months with low humidity, which also means very good time for engaging in water sports activities, especially diving and snorkeling.

The low season temperatures are still warm, but there are increased likelihood of rain and storms. June and July have lots of rainfall. Most showers happen in the evening, which means you have wonderful weather till noon for swimming and all other activities. However, that's not bad time to visit. The months of May, August, September and October are good for surfing. The wind is moderate and the rain prospects are much lower during the months of November and December. There would be plenty of great offers and attractive prices to take advantage of, making it also a good common time to be in.

You can make the best of Christmas and New Year in tradition as well as refined style at various private hideaways and islands in the Indian Ocean; with international gastronomic journey featuring all European, Asian, local delicacies and other irresistible offerings in multiple dining locations.

How to reach


  • The easy and the best way to reach Maldives from India is by air, even though there are some international cruises connecting India and Maldives.Almost every major Indian airline has regular flights to Maldives' Male International airport, which is on the Hulhule Island.
  • Mumbai, Bangalore, Kochi, Chennai, Hyderabad and Delhi have flights to Male.


  • Island-hopping is only possible by a ferry, a seaplane, a speedboat, or some combination of all three. Maldivian Air Taxi offers transfers across the islands. All of the resort islands are generally small and are easily manageable on foot. The local ferry network is very limited and it is not recommended, even though there are private yachts and dhonis' ply between islands. Speedboat transfers are other popular way to get to other islands, which are available at request or arranged by resorts themselves.


  • Male, Fuvahmulah, Hulhumale, and few islands in Laamu and Addu Atoll have decent taxi connectivity, but some other islands don't enjoy that luxury. Overland transportation is mainly done by golf buggy. Bus service is limited to certain routes which include airport to airport services and from the airport to other parts of the island.