Vietnam and Cambodia

A land of timeless charm with 3260 kilometres of coastline, and a diverse terrain of caves, forests, lakes, waterfalls, rocks, mountains, rivers and islands, Vietnam is everything you expect in southeast Asia, and then some. From Ha Long Bay’s serene limestone islands to PhongNha-Ke Bang National Park, there’s something in it for everyone in the family. Talk ancient, talk Cambodia. A country with a majestic past with an interlude of gory years is finally on course of peace and development. Visit the majestic Angkor Wat, cruise into the Kompong Khleang, Experience pristine beaches at Sihanoukville, and much more in Cambodia.

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Best Of South Vietnam And Cambodia

Start this Mazing tour of Vietnam and Cambodia at Ho Chi Minh City. The city of unification, Saigon, is the cultural hub of Vietnam. Visit the Cu Chi tunnels used by the Vietcong, the war museum and the Mekong Delta. Across the border,a nation with a rather gory history, Cambodia is a testament to its people’s unyielding spirit and unwavering optimism. A region dominated by temples and pagodas, Siem Reap blends the divinity of religion with the allure of Southeast Asian cuisine, history and more. Take a boat ride in Tonle Sap Lake,the ‘Great Lake’ of Cambodia. Head out for some interesting street shopping and food in a land where every corner seems to tell a different story.

6 Days | INR 38000 per person

Best time to Visit

Spring and Autumn, which are from February to April and August to October respectively.

How to reach

Connecting flight via Thailand or Malaysia.