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Elegant. Unique. Vibrant. Diverse. India is an amalgam of everything that these words signify and yet, so much more. Once, one of the richest empires in all the land, it became the twinkle in the eye of various colonists and conquerors. If there is one country in the world where anybody and everybody in the spectrum of different travellers will find joy, it is India. A nation infamous for its unfathomable enormity of culture and diversity, coupled with a plethora of holidaying attractions varying from one corner to the other, you’d be hard pressed to find this place unsatisfying. The Taj Mahal is as beautiful as they say it is and the forts of Rajasthan still stand strong perched on the hilltops of the Aravallis. The Himalayas up north shelter simple and quaint villages along with India’s most famous hill-stations. The jungles here provide safe haven to the endangered Tiger and various species of wildlife. A tour of India will never be complete without a houseboat ride on the backwaters of Kerala and its fiery cuisine. Nowhere in your holidays across the world would you come across the ‘Living Root Bridges’ as you would do while trekking the rainforests of Meghalaya. The white salt-plains of the Great Rann of Kutch run as far as your eyes can see and sparkle during the full-moon nights. Planning a vacation in India covering all these amazing places might be a tough task, but then again, vacations sound better when the period is long.

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  • Far removed from the chaos of the mainland, the Andaman Islands are India's best-kept secret. Some of India's finest exotic islands are here, a short flight away from the subcontinent. Expect serene beaches with spectacular underwater corals, wildlif

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  • Sun-kissed beaches with spectacular sunsets, beach shacks and bikini-clad women, forts and feni, banana boats and flea markets - un[travel] Goa for most things hippie and some things not, as well as that lip-smacking seafood.
    One of 'the' best ho

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  • Backed by lush band of exotic palm groves, green hills and beautiful sand beaches, the Goa's south coast make for the most amazing locations to get relaxed. Take a Coastal Trek from Cabo de Rama to Agonda Beach. Explore South Goa's finest beaches bes

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  • Simba might never have had to leave if he lived here, and neither would you. Get up close and personal with the king of the jungle here in his natural habitat at Gir National Park. The official last refuge of the endangered Asiatic Lion, Gir is the o

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  • The picture on every postcard, the first image that pops up on a search engine for Gods Own Country, Alleppey is the hotbed for a huge network of backwater canals and those amazing houseboats. The ultimate tourist destination, Alleppey does tend to g

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  • Famed for being one of Ibn Battuta and Marco Polo's haunts on their travel routes, this town formerly known as Quilon is filled with memories of a glorious trading past. Ancient forts here remain a portal to the colonial heritage of this region. Apar

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