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Although Bikaner hasn't received the kind of attention it deserves, it is fast emerging as one of Rajasthan's favoured locales for royalty and the Thar Desert. Jangladesh's barren wilderness was first turned habitable in 1488 on the city of Bikaner's establishment. Numerous forts and palaces make Bikaner the wonderful historical city it is today. While most of these now lie in ruins, each of them represent untold stories and ancient beauty. Get a glimpse of the majestic Junagarh fort and its temples, palaces and their colourful marble flooring, unique in the fact that it's not on a hill. Stop for a visit at the grandiose Laxmi Niwas Palace, now a luxury hotel, with its distinct Indo-Saracenic architecture and elegant interiors. The epitome of Rajasthani royalty, The Lalgarh Palace stands tall with pillars, fireplaces and intricate lattice work. Head out on a camel ride through the sand dunes for a real experience of the various shades of Bikaner, or spend a night under the stars for a perfect night safari in the desert.

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Things to do

Camel Safari and Family Picnic in Desert -The desert town of Bikaner is filled with temples and forts, but some of its finest adventures lie in the dunes and villages on its periphery. What better way to get to know the Thar than on a Lawrence of Arabia-esque escapade at the outskirts of Bikaner. The padded soles of the camel's feet make a mockery of otherwise tough-to-walk on dunes.

Karni Mata Temple Visit -Considered one of the most unusual temples in the world, Karni Mata in Deshnoke, 30 kilometres from Bikaner, deserves a visit.This Mughal-styled temple had a marble facade and solid silver doors were later added for a more regal facade. Not for the faint of heart, the temple is home to nearly 20,000 rats, each of themconsidered holy.

Folk Music and Dance with Sunset - Everything in Rajasthan seems surrounded by music and culture, beautiful golden sunsets and charming folk dancers. From the popular Kachhi Ghodi dance in horse costumes to the swirling skirts of the Kalbelia dance and the enthusiastic Ghoomar dance, the region is a hotbed of cultural diversity.

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    5 Days | INR 13,225 per person
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  • The desert city of Rajasthan, Bikaner, is the best place for experiencing the authentic Rajasthani desert culture without the jostling for space with fellow tourists. The vast stretch of desert is famous for its golden sand dunes, amazing palaces, red sandstone forts, and the camel safaris.

    4 Days | INR 16,006 per person
  • For a leisure holiday, Bikaner is loaded with sites that provide you a relaxed atmosphere. The Gajner Lake and the surrounding wildlife sanctuary is one such perfect spot. With trees all around, and home to many migratory birds, what more do you need to cool off your nerves-Desert Camel Safari is the best way to explore the surrounding Thar.

    3 Days | INR 12,133 per person
  • Bikaner resonates all that Royal Rajasthan boasts of; the colourful tradition is at its best here! The festivals of Gangaur, Kolayat, and the Camel festival brilliantly transform the city into pure revelry and mirth. The Katariasar village, quite away from the city, exposes you to the rural culture of Rajasthan. The grand palaces and forts like Junagarh fort, The Laxmi Niwas Palace, Lalgarh unveils the royal life of the past kings of Rajasthan.

    3 Days | INR 11,209 per person

Best time to visit October to March

Camel festival takes place in January every year. Rest of the year is extremely hot and should be avoided.

How to reach


  • Nal airport is located 13 kilometre west of Bikaner. Nal airport is operated by the Airport Authority of India (AAI) as a civil enclave at Bikaner Air Force Station. You will find flights from Indian major cities to Nal airport (BKB).

  • Other than Nal airport the closest airport is Jodhpur Airport which is 257 kilometre from Bikaner. Jodhpur Airport is well-connected to every domestic as well as many international destinations. From Jodhpur, you will find bus as well as cab facility for Bikaner.


  • Bikaner has a well-established rail network. Lalgarh Railway station and Bikaner Junction are two railway stations which lies within Bikaner city, and are 6 kilometre apart from each other. You can reach Bikaner from almost every major city in India.

  • You will find frequent train from Delhi taking you to the former capital of princely state of Bikaner. Especially the most luxurious tourist train 'The Palace on Wheels' which will take you to all the royal destinations of Rajasthan including Bikaner.


  • Bikaner has a well-established road network which connect all the destinations of Rajasthan and other major destination of India. National Highway 11 connects Bikaner to Jaisalmer, Pokaran, Sri Dungargarh, Ratangarh, and Fatehgarh.

  • National Highway 54 connects Bikaner to many city in Punjab. You will find bus/cab services from any major destination within Rajasthan as well as from nearby states.


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