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Jim Corbett National Park

Named after the legendary hunter turned conservationist Jim Corbett, strangely enough only one of the maneater tigers he shot, the Mohan Maneater, was from these forests. Blessed with gorgeous landscape including forests, rivers and hills outside the park, Corbett as a destination today is far bigger than the national park itself. Thanks to its proximity to Delhi and its natural beauty, tourists coming to Corbett are not limited to real wildlife lovers only, and there is a range of fun and adventure activities that can be enjoyed.

Things to do

Kaladhungi-Jim Corbett Heritage Walk - Best known for his classic book 'The Man eaters of Kumaon', Jim Corbett has also had a huge impact on conservation efforts, especially with the villagers living near the forests around his village Kaladhungi. This Heritage trail, managed by the village folk, provides further insight and experiences of the immense work done by the 'Gora Sadhu' as Corbett came to be known later.

Day Safari Bijrani - Bijrani is one of the safari zones in Corbett National Park where you have a relatively higher chance of spotting a tiger. Also, its proximity to both Ramnagar as well as Dhikuli/ Garjia where most of the resorts are located, makes it a very convenient zone to visit. Of course, this means that it's also the most popular zone for day safaris, and safari bookings, especially over weekends, can be hard to get. Safari bookings open 45 days in advance, and you could book either a morning or an afternoon safari - but with only 30 safari vehicles permitted on each safari, you should plan well in advance.

Jungle Hike - One can't step foot on the ground while on a safari in Corbett National Park. However, the buffer zones around the park offer some excellent opportunities to witness wildlife while on a hike. You set off early in the morning with our expert naturalist following a trail into the wild. The trail offers great birding and wildlife opportunities and even glimpses of big cats occasionally.

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  • What's common between a cricket test match, an intensely smoky single malt and Corbett National Park? Plenty actually - they can all test your patience, are acquired tastes and even so are strangely favored by the 'connoisseurs'.Though named after the legendary hunter turned conservationist Jim Corbett, strangely enough only one of the maneater tigers he shot, the Mohan Maneater, was from these forests.

    3 Days | INR 16,200 per person
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  • If India is called the land of spiritualism, Uttarakhand is one big contributor towards it. Home to the holy Ganga and the 4 most sacred Hindu pilgrimage sites, it is commonly referred to as 'dev bhoomi' (the land of gods). Sages and saints since time immemorial have housed under the shelter of the mountains here.

    10 Days | INR 43,030 per person
  • India's oldest National Park is probably one its most beautiful. Set in the Himalayan foothills, Corbett gives you the perfect setting to enjoy nature and wildlife. Tiger is the king here, but its kingdom is rife with exciting species of flora and fauna.

    4 Days | INR 7,087 per person
  • Corbett works simultaneously on all your five senses.A treat to the eyes and peace of mind is what Corbett offers youeach moment spent here. The wildlife is s a definite bonus.

    3 Days | INR 5,880 per person
  • Being the oldest National Park in India, you will more or less expect the action here. Wildlife is plentiful, and the Royal Bengal Tigers is definitely the biggest draw. Some safaris are not to be missed.

    3 Days | INR 7,087 per person
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Best time to visit October to March

Late September to early November is the best time to visit here after the rains have subsided. The chilly winter arrives by late November and stays on till the end of February.

Clear skies through March till the haze by mid-April and mid-June rains. Frequent landslides are the only dampener till the monsoons end.

How to reach


  • The nearest airport is Pantnagar Airport(**limited flights on this route and flights are frequently cancelled). Pantnagar airport is 123 kilometre from Jim Corbett. You can hire a taxi which will take you to the Jim Corbett National park.


  • The nearest railway station is Ramnagar Railway Station which is 15 kilometre from Jim Corbett. You will find a direct train from Delhi to Ramnagar.


  • The national park has a good connectivity of roads linking many major cities of India. Both private and public buses play a great role in serving the tourist. You will find many Uttarakhand state government buses from Delhi heading directly to Ramnagar which is 15 kilometre from Jim Corbett. Many National and State highways connect Jim Corbett to different major towns in India.