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If India is called the land of spiritualism, Uttarakhand is one big contributor towards it. Home to the holy Ganga and the 4 most sacred Hindu pilgrimage sites, it is commonly referred to as 'dev bhoomi' (the land of gods). Sages and saints since time immemorial have housed under the shelter of the mountains here. The world flocks here to master asanas and to seek out big answers and the ashrams gladly offer them room to rest. The forests here are home to the largest concentration of tigers in India. Over the mountains and engulfing the plains, the forests covers about 25 percent of the state.
The mighty Himalayan ranges provide great opportunity for high altitude trekking and mountaineering. Find glaciers from which rivers are born, find valleys overgrown with wild flowers, find lakes that reflect the sky and find temples as old as humanity itself. While you are at it, you'll also find a little bit of yourself, here in Uttarakhand.

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Things to do

Munsiyari Sightseeing - There's a lot to see in Munsiyari and in this day-long activity we have picked out some of the best sites to visit. After breakfast at your hotel, we drive you down to the Birthi Falls which is around 35 kilometres from the Munsiyari town. The gushing sound can be heard from the road-head where we park our vehicle. After climbing a few stairs, the milky white falls stares straight at you. At 126 metres, the plunge is quite tall and makes it very exciting. Some very rare species of butterflies and sparrows can be found flying around the falls.

Khuliya Top Trek - Munsiyari does give you a near-perfect look at the Panchachuli range, however, one wouldn't mind a panoramic view of them minus the distractions. We drive you early in the morning to the Balati bend from where the trek starts. Our expert local takes the lead and you follow him into the forests of pine and rhododendron. The view disappears as you tread through the thickets.

Maheshwari Kund Hike - Folklore is imbedded in the culture of Munsiyari and people take pride in reciting them. Once such story revolves around the Maheshwari Kund (pond) which the locals call as Mehsar Kund. This half day hike can be started anytime during the day before afternoon. The mule trail strewn with chips of rocks makes it an easy hike.

Related Trips

  • Munsiyari, at 2298 m, is the gateway to the Namik, Milam and Ralam Glaciers and serves as base camp to mountaineers, glacier enthusiasts and high-altitude trekkers. There are easier treks like the Khuliyaround trek for the first-timers.

    3 Days | INR 2,105 per person
  • It feels like you have reached the end of the world here in Munsiyari.The Panchachuli peaks are right there, staring down at you. Munsiyari is the base of many beautiful treks to the glaciers nearby. Hot water springs in Madkote is known for its medicinal properties. The cluster of villages that make up Munsiyari are true proponents of the culture and traditions of Uttarakhand.

    3 Days | INR 1,863 per person

Best time to visit October to March

Late September to early November is the best time to visit here after the rains have subsided. The chilly winter arrives by late November and stays on till the end of February.

Clear skies through March till the haze by mid-April and mid-June rains. Frequent landslides are the only dampener till the monsoons end.

How to reach


  • The closest airport to the Munsiyari town is Pantnagar airport(**limited flights on this route and flights are frequently cancelled). The Pantnagar airport is located in the beautiful hilly destination of Nainital. Pantnagar airport is situated at a distance of 249 kilometers from Munsiyari in the state of Uttarakhand. From Pantnagar airport you can either take cab or bus to reach Munsiyari.


  • There are two railway stations nearer to Munsiyari which are Kathgodam and Tanakpur. The distance between Tanakpur and Munsiyari is 218-kilometers and Kathgodam is located at a distance of 217 kilometers from Munsiyari. You have to take cab or bus to reach Munsiyari from these railway station.


  • Munsiyari is well-linked with every major city in Uttarakhand as well as other Northern Indian city too. Bus services are available from every major city for Munsiyari. You can also take cab to reach Munsiyari.


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