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If India is called the land of spiritualism, Uttarakhand is one big contributor towards it. Home to the holy Ganga and the 4 most sacred Hindu pilgrimage sites, it is commonly referred to as 'dev bhoomi' (the land of gods). Sages and saints since time immemorial have housed under the shelter of the mountains here. The world flocks here to master asanas and to seek out big answers and the ashrams gladly offer them room to rest. The forests here are home to the largest concentration of tigers in India. Over the mountains and engulfing the plains, the forests covers about 25 percent of the state.
The mighty Himalayan ranges provide great opportunity for high altitude trekking and mountaineering. Find glaciers from which rivers are born, find valleys overgrown with wild flowers, find lakes that reflect the sky and find temples as old as humanity itself. While you are at it, you'll also find a little bit of yourself, here in Uttarakhand.

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Things to do

Hike in Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary - Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary is probably one of Uttarakhand's best-kept secrets. While it's probably not the best place to spot a huge number wildlife, the amazingly close proximity at which humans and animals coexist make Binsar unique. Spot a leopard if you're lucky, but take a walk on the wild side here for unmatched solitude and distinctive flora and fauna.This 12-kilometer hike takes you through villages where you can spend some time talking to villagers and learning about their lives in the forest.

Day Tour of Almora and Jageshwar -A convenient, quick tour of everything that is anything in Almora and around. This easy walk through the fairly busy cantonment town reveals interesting lanes with fascinating traditional little shops. Head over to the Simtola Eco Park, about 3 kilometres away for panoramic views of majestic mountains covered with pine and deodars, usually a perfect picnic and camping site.

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  • Often viewed as a day trip from Nainital, Bhimtal has now carved out its own space to become a unique destination in its own right. Until a couple of years ago, the main draw here at Bhimtal was its lake created by the earth-dam built in 1883. Regular boating and sightseeing apart, Bhimtal has now come to be associated with adventure activities like kayaking and paragliding.

    4 Days | INR 12,700 per person
  • If India is called the land of spiritualism, Uttarakhand is one big contributor towards it. Home to the holy Ganga and the 4 most sacred Hindu pilgrimage sites, it is commonly referred to as 'dev bhoomi' (the land of gods). Sages and saints since time immemorial have housed under the shelter of the mountains here.

    6 Days | INR 27,000 per person
  • Apparently built on the lines of Cumbrian Lake District by the British, Nainital is one of Uttarakhand's most popular hill stations. With majestic views, Nainital is set in a valley around an eye-shaped lake, where according to legend, the Goddess Sati's eyes had fallen. Bustling markets with spectacular views of the hills essentially make Nainital a gateway to the upper reaches of the mighty Himalayas.

    5 Days | INR 17,300 per person
  • This all-season thickly forested destination has colonial charm, salubrious weather, exquisite orchards, and untouched serenity; obviously the best place to relax in healthy mountain air with gorgeous views of the Kumaon Himalayas. You could also go birding; or golfing at the 9-holes hill golf green, the best in the country.

    3 Days | INR 2,625 per person
  • The dense forest covers of oak and deodar trees in Ranikhet hosts a number of wildlife species which are rare and endangered. Look out for leopards, jackals, red foxes, porcupines, barding deer, pine marten, mountain goats, Indian hares, red-faced monkeys, langurs and a vast variety of birds.

    3 Days | INR 4,194 per person

Best time to visit October to March

Late September to early November is the best time to visit here after the rains have subsided. The chilly winter arrives by late November and stays on till the end of February.

Clear skies through March till the haze by mid-April and mid-June rains. Frequent landslides are the only dampener till the monsoons end.

How to reach


  • The closest airport is situated at Pantnagar which is 115 kilometre from Nainital (**limited flights on this route and flights are frequently cancelled). Pantnagar is a small town in Udham Singh Nagar District, Uttarakhand. Pantnagar airport is directly connected to Delhi via Air India Regional. You can take cab from Pantnagar for Ranikhet. It takes roughly three and half hour to reach Ranikhet.


  • Kathgodam is the nearest railway station to Ranikhet. Kathgodam is situated near Nainital. It is 81 kilometre away from Nainital. Kathgodam railway station is well connected to Delhi, Kolkata. You can find frequent trains connecting kathgodam as it serves as gateway of Kumaon region. From Kathogdam you can take a cab or bus heading towards Ranikhet.


  • Ranikhet has a well-established road network. You can find cabs from Delhi and Kathgodam to Ranikhet. Busses are also available from ISBT Delhi for Kathgodam and Nainital. If you are looking for more adventure wanna be an un[traveller], you can opt for self-drive and take NH9 from Delhi taking you through the mesmerizing beauty of Uttarakhand state.


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