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Incredible roads lead to incredible views. Stunningly beautiful throughout the year, the road to Sangla is certainly paved with good intentions. Loose rocky terrain makes most of the drive to Sangla seem like an adventure in itself with gorgeous apple orchards and 'hanging' villages on the other side of the gorge. The valley's largest inhabited settlement, Sangla has interesting Tibetian eateries and an ATM, but a taste of Sangla's renowned potatoes is a must (the area grows some of the best-quality potatoes in the world). There are fantastic hiking opportunities right up to the last village of Chitkul at the Indo-Tibetan border. A short walk away is the fascinating Kamru Fort with the Kamakhya Devi Shrine. A perfect blend of history and tradition, old forts and ancient Tibetan wood carving make for much of the architecture here. Tourism is, however, an integral source of income for people here in the valley and warm welcomes are part of the charming culture of these lovely Kinnauri-speaking locals.

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Things to do

Chitkul Visit and Walk - Officially the last Indian village before the Tibet border, Chitkul is renowned for its natural beauty and quaint architecture. Spectacular views of the Baspa valley coupled with its quaint wooden houses make Chitkul the day-trip village to visit from Sangla.

Walk to Kamru Fort - The walk starts from Sangla, the main town of the Sangla Valley. Fortified by high peaks with a sparkling river for company, Sangla is loaded with nature's beauty. We then move on to Kamru Fort. Built around the 15th century, Kamru is considered one of the oldest forts in Himachal. Made of wood, the fort's architecture is a blend of Indian and Tibetan architecture.

Picnic at Mastrang - Surrounded by local farms of buckwheat and seclusion, this tiny village offers spectacular views of snow-covered peaks with the Baspa river gently flowing alongside. The perfect absolute solitude and serenity here in Mastrang makes it the ideal picnic spot for some much-needed downtime, far away from the crowds and the tension that urban living tends to bring along with it.

Related Trips

  • Located in the valley of the Baspa River near the Tibetan border, Sangla is a charm. Small villages and their backyard orchards are seemingly out a of a fairy-tale. A perfect blend of history and tradition, old forts and ancient Tibetan wood carving make for much of the architecture here.

    4 Days | INR 5,848 per person
  • The gurgling river and the towering snow peaks provide photography opportunities to the amateur and the pro alike. The evening bonfires; a sampling of local cultures and traditions; yoga retreats; angling for trout; Sangla is synonymous with leisure.

    4 Days | INR 3,675 per person
  • Sangla has its own unique culture with ancient temples and age old festivals. The 800 year old Kamru Fort housing the Kamakshi Devi Temple and the Bering Nag Temple are architectural wonders. The Tibetan wood carving centre has preserved and propagated the at of carving.

    4 Days | INR 5,848 per person
  • The valley and the mountains here provide good adventure options. Camping, hiking, glacier trekking, rappelling, rock-climbing, river-crossing, there's plenty of scope for adventure in Sangla. The Rakcham trek is a beautiful one while the Sangla Meadow will give you a pretty clear view of Kinner Kailash.

    4 Days | INR 3,675 per person

Best time to visit October to March

Late September to early November is the ideal time to visit here after the rains have subsided.The chilly winter arrives by late November and stays on till the end of February.

Clear skies stay on through March till the haze in by mid-April to the mid-June rains. Frequent landslides are the only dampener till the monsoons end.

How to reach


  • Air Transport is not as robust as compare to other states. There are two major airport near Sangla - Shimla Airport (SLV) and Chandigarh International Airport (IXC).

  • Shimla Airport is located 241 kilometre from Sangla in Jubberhati near Shimla. Jubberhati is a small town near Shimla in Indian state Himachal Pradesh. Air India is the only airline which provide daily flights services from Delhi to Shimla. You can take cab to reach Sangla.

  • Chandigarh International Airport is located 344 kilometre from Sangla in "The City Beautiful" Chandigarh. Chandigarh is a union territory which serve as the capital of two state Haryana and Punjab. Chandigarh airport is well connected to domestic destinations as well as some the International destinations. You will find daily flights from all the major cities of India leading you to Chandigarh. You can take cab or bus from Chandigarh to reach Sangla.


  • Himachal Pradesh is all about high mountains and deep valleys so there are no major rail track anywhere within the state.

  • he Kalka Railway is the only railway station in Himachal which is 307 kilometre from Sangla. Kalka offers a good connectivity from major cities like Chandigarh, Delhi, Howrah and many more.

  • Chandigarh railway station is also a good option. It is 329 kilometre from Sangla. Chandigarh railway station is well connected to every major Indian city. You can take bus or cab from Chandigarh to reach Sangla.


  • Roads in Himachal Pradesh offers the best connectivity within and out of the state. Sangla is well connected to Shimla, Chandigarh, and many other Indian cities via road. You will find bus and cab facility throughout the state connecting Sangla to every major destination in Himachal. These roads offers some of the most beautiful views of different ranges and valleys.


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