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Tirthan Valley

Fascinating deciduous forests of spectacular green interspersed with quaint little villages by the Tirthan Valley river make this valley one of Himachal's favourite weekend getaways. Stunning backdrops and fantastic camping, trekking and fishing opportunities make this the perfect holiday. The gateway to the Great Himalayan National Park (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), Tirthan Valley is the ideal base for some incredible adventure tourism and angling. The National Park covers about 750 square kilometres of diverse flora and fauna, essentially a trekker's paradise. Come un[travel] this charming slice of remarkable Himachal.

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Things to do

Chaini Fort-Bhagi Temple Hike - The Chaini Fort is clearly inspired by Chinese architecture. A mystery of sorts lies behind how the stone used to build this fort were brought here, stone obviously not from this region. This towering 13-floor high fort makes for some stunning pictures. Trek through fascinating hamlets and spend a couple of delightful moments in conversation with locals. Hike through patches of thick trees to for stunning glimpses of Chaini village. The Baghi temple, which lies midway through the hike, is revered by locals and tourists alike.

Jibhi Waterfall - Filled with hidden natural surprises, the Jibhi waterfall is a huge roaring affair in the monsoons, but could remain unseen in the valley if you don't know where it is for the rest of the year. Take a dip in cold clear mountain water if you want to, or spend your time listening to the surround sound of nature as you walk around the area.

Gushaini Drive Sairopa - A visit to the Botanical Gardens at Sai Ropa from Jibhi via Banjar makes a pleasant drive through some fascinating scenery by the Beas river. Usually the place to go if you want angling permits in the Tirthan River or if you want to enter the Great Himalayan National Park, Sai Ropa and its bio-diverse park area make for splendid photographic memories. A short drive would then lead you to the quaint hamlet of Gushaini. Gushaini is nestled around folding terraces of cultivated mountains and lush green orchards.

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  • A slice of heaven in the midst of some seriously spreading urbanization around the area, Manali offers that perfect mix of cultural serenity in a rapidly growing town. Usually the base for high-altitude trekking and mountaineering, Manali now offers much in the way of adventure tourism with splendid opportunities for mountain biking, paragliding, rafting and skiing in the right seasons.

    6 Days | INR 20,827 per person
  • On the darker side of the mountains, Jibhi, unlike Gushaini in the Tirthan Valley, retains its green cover during the usually dry and hot months of the year. A small hamlet dotted with a few guest houses, terraced mountains and a clear mountain river, Jibhi is an ideal spot for anyone who wishes to spend a few days in peace with nature.

    4 Days | INR 13,629 per person
  • If it's culture you seek, Tirthan Valley will not disappoint. The Bahu village is an amazingly-preserved traditional slate-roofed, wood-and-stone housed village. The 350-year-old Chehni Kothi is one of the tallest fort-towers in Himachal. You will come across a treasure trove of rich cultural heritage in Tirthan Valley.

    5 Days | INR 18,781 per person
  • Meandering streams, waterfalls, long walks by the wood; Tirthan Valley is all about escaping the busy world. A gateway to The Great Himalayan National Park which has now been listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site owing to its ecological diversity.

    5 Days | INR 18,540 per person
  • Camp at the Great Himalayan National Park after a beautiful trek through villages and forests. Enjoy rappelling near a waterfall or a session of rock climbing. Conquer the Jalori pass or hike to the Raghupur Fort; opportunities for adventure in the Tirthan Valley are limitless.

    5 Days | INR 17,574 per person
  • Shake off your stress on that hammock and watch the cloud-play against the blue skies. Go trout fishing with a traditional rod and line at the Himalayan Trout Camp. Enjoy a musical soire with the locals and watch their colourful festivals.

    5 Days | INR 17,393 per person

Best time to visit October to March

Late September to early November is the ideal time to visit here after the rains have subsided.The chilly winter arrives by late November and stays on till the end of February.

Clear skies stay on through March till the haze in by mid-April to the mid-June rains. Frequent landslides are the only dampener till the monsoons end.

How to reach


  • Kullu Manali airport (KUU) at Bhuntar in Himachal Pradesh is 44 kilometres away from Tirthan Valley (limited flights on this route and flights are frequently cancelled).Kullu-Manali Airport is located in Bhuntar. Air India provide flight services from Delhi and Chandigarh to Bhuntar Airport. You can take cab or bus to reach Tirthan Valley from the airport.


  • There are no major rail track anywhere near Tirthan Valley. The Kalka Railway is the only railway station in Himachal which lies 233 kilometre from Tirthan Valley. Kalka offers a good connectivity to major cities like Chandigarh, Delhi, Howrah and many more.

  • Pathankot is located in Punjab and is 265 kilometre from MTirthan Valley. Pathankot is well-connected to all the major cities in India. There are daily trains from Delhi to Pathankot. You can take cab or bus from Pathankot to reach Mandi and from there you have to take bus or cab for Tirthan Valley.


  • Tirthan the beautiful valley of Himachal Pradesh is well connected through road. You will find bus and cab facility throughout the state connecting Tirthan Valley to all the major cities in Himachal Pradesh.


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