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There are officially 195 countries in the world today. There’s a whole lot to cover and there’s little time to do it. Are you looking at the right itinerary? Are your interests being covered? Are your accommodations exciting enough? Are you spending enough time in one place or just rushing through? Is your travel company listening to you? In most cases, the answers are a mix of “Yes” and “No” but for a great international trip, you want all the aforementioned questions to be answered in affirmative. Because you only get one good shot at travelling a country. Why not do it right then.
un[travel] listens to where you want to travel, what you want to do and what kind of accommodation excites you. We craft a tailor-made itinerary just for you based on your preferences and interests. And the best thing about un[travel] is that we are always ready to customize to make your international holiday a memorable one.


  • Immerse yourself in this picturesque Himalayan kingdom with their magnificent castle-like monasteries, ancient forests, aromatic delicacies, and the vibrant festivals. The adventurous you will not be disappointed either. Bhutan, being located in the

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  • From Stunning landscapes, historical sites, gorgeous beaches, cultural treasures, tasty cuisine, active volcanoes, Greece will equally excite the fun seekers and the quiet holiday people. While the quiet ones can sit by the beach, and relax by the pi

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  • The tourism brochures call it a land of fire and journey of flavours. Indonesia is also the largest archipelago in the world with eighteen thousand plus islands in its fold, of which only six thousand are inhabited and more than half of them not even

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  • Of sumo and the shinkansen, sake and serenity, there's much more to the Land of the Rising Sun than impecable etiquette, origami, anime and technology. Look out for ancient Shinto shrines that lie lanes away from karaoke bars, bustling markets and si

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  • Malaysia never disappoints; whatever the tapestry of your dream holiday. It's so many things at the same time: cityscapes, colonial architecture, substantial retail therapy, foodie haven, tea plantations and traditional island life. Not to mention t

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  • Vietnam is that charming piece of Southeast Asia that everyone wants to visit, but seldom few have. Made famous as the backdrop to numerous Hollywood blockbusters, Ha Long Bay is that surreal seascape of nearly 1600 limestone islands and islets over

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