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Of pyramids and Pharaohs, Omar Sharif and Cleopatra, camels and bazaars, the Nile and the Red Sea, there’s much about Egypt waiting to be un[travel]led. Fascinating culture and unique traditions make Egypt a much sought-after destination for its ancient civilization, mint tea, cuisine and interesting people. A bustling metropolis, with roots back to the ancient city of Memphis (24 kilometres away from Cairo, and not in Tennessee),there’s much more to Egypt than Cleopatra’s aquiline nose ever had you believe. Memories of a lifetime are made here in this wonderful land where ancient architecture and modern revolution rub shoulders ever so often, leaving behind a fascinating amalgamation of cultures and civilizations that all come together perfectly in the end.

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Things to do

Pyramids of Giza - Head out after breakfast with our local Egyptologist who will tell you more about every monument you visit today. for the day. Our first stop, The Great Pyramid of Giza is actually just one part of a big complex. The complex is dedicated to Khufu, his wives and his nobles built around 2580-2560 BC. The Great Pyramid is the oldest of the three main pyramids in the complex.

Kom Ombo Temple - Symmetrical along its axis, the Kom Ombo Temple is divided into two identical halves, dedicated to two different Gods. The southern part is dedicated to crocodile god Sobek, god of fertility and creator of the world while the northern part was dedicated to the falcon god Haroeris, also known as Horus the Elder.

Valley of the Kings - For ages, rock cut tombs were excavated for the Pharaohs and powerful nobles of the Egyptian New Kingdom from here. It is one of the largest tomb sites or necropolis in Egypt. It consists of two valleys - the East Valley and the West Valley. You'll come across most of the tombs in the East Valley. This World Heritage Site has around 63 tombs.

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  • Once thought to be the centre of the world and the cradle of humankind, Egypt's attractions are prolific to the history of civilization. Take a step closer to experience the prolific Egyptian history watching its ancient structures, Pyramids of Giza; tombs of pharaohs, stellar museums and the brilliance of thousand year-old buildings. The Egyptian monuments shrouded with mystery and astonishment.

    5 Days | INR 30,818 per person
  • There won’t be many who haven’t fantasized about Egypt in their juvenility, reading from books about the mystery surrounded by it, and hoping to see its giant pyramids, Mummies, secret chambers and pharaohs someday. un[travel] Egypt for a unique opportunity to travel back through time to find yourself immersed in country’s ancient history, where you can enjoy its captivating, mythical and magical monuments.

    7 Days | INR 45,730 per person
  • Egypt is a remarkable land replete with various gems. The Land of the Pharaohs is one of the greatest and oldest civilizations, with Pyramids, mummies, the roaring Nile, temples, minarets, hieroglyphs--the images are like nothing you will find anywhere else in the world. The sceneries canreally knock you out.Discover the secrets of this incredible land and its vibrant culture.

    9 Days | INR 58,425 per person
  • un[travel] the land of the Pharaohs and Cleopatra through Cairo's late evening bazaars and pyramids to cruise down the Nile to Aswan. From the Valley of Kings to Colossi of Memnon, there's a lot to experience before you end at the Red Sea Coast in Hurghada.

    9 Days | INR 54,677 per person

Best time to visit October to March

October to March make for the best months to visit Egypt. The temperatures are mild and pleasant as compared to the other months of the year and it's relatively dry. December and January are the peak tourist months and availability might be an issue. The shoulder months of September and April see a rise in temperature but is still bearable and everything that is outdoor can still be enjoyed. May to mid-September are the hottest months of the year and you would need a lot of sunscreen before stepping out into the sun.

March 15.9/29.70 C
April 20.1/35.20 C
May 24.2/37.40 C
June 27.0/41.10 C
July 28.0/41.80 C
August 28.6/420 C

How to reach


  • All Egypt's main cities have airports, and EgyptAir flies to virtually every major domestic location.


  • The railways do reach major towns as well as frequent buses that travel these routes. Needless to say, these take more time.

  • Cairo does have a metro, so getting around to major landmarks around the city is fairly simple and saves you a lot of time.


  • To get around in the city, however, both taxis and buses are an option. However, with traffic and more, a private taxi is a much more comfortable option.


  • Cruises on the Nile are a fine way to experience ancient Egypt and its history.