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With a variety of landscapes, including icy tundra, grassy hillsides, rocky beaches, lakes, and forests, Finland heralds some extraordinary natural surroundings. It's a natural wonderland with more trees than people, and from the air, it more looks like an intricate green and blue jigsaw puzzle. With over 70,000 islands, Finland's coast is home to the largest archipelago in the world. There's nothing like stopping to really look at the scenes around; marvelling at its incredible features, its serene landscapes, discovering unforgiving terrain all with a silent elegance it radiates.

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Things to do

Helsinki City Tour- A vibrant seaside city of beautiful islands and great green parks, the handsome city of Helsinki's has got an interesting charm and a laid back rhythm to it. Also known as 'the Daughter of the Baltic', the Finnish capital is filled with a vibrant cultural scene, beautiful waterside location, cutting edge architecture and culinary hotspots. You have an option of exploring the Market Square and taking a boat trip around the harbour.

Adventure Day with Sampo Ice Breaker - Head for an adventure day with the Sampo Ice Breaker. It will be a lifetime experience of cruising in the frozen water of Bothnian Sea in Lapland. You can watch in awe as the vessel's steel structure breaks through layer upon layer of thick sea ice. Excursion on the Ice Breaker lasts several hours also includes a guided tour all the way down to the engine rooms and all way up to Captain's bridge.

Rovaniemi - Santa Claus' Home Town - Visit the Village in Rovaniemi. It is a great place to discover the magic of Lapland. It is, after all, Santa Claus' hometown. Even in winter when the temperatures are below freezing, the Santa town is a perfect destination for great views, romantic vistas, award-winning hotels, an authentic and lively culture, and always: wilderness weaving through and waiting just beyond the city streets.

Related Trips

  • Helsinki is not just about architecture, art, dance, and cultural heritage. The City exudes inherent fearlessness and possibilities account for the number of excellent facilities for those who crave for adventures. Start your Finland winter adventure from Helsinki. With no doubt, the sea is the main character of Kemi Town, and most of the activities that we arrange will take place around it. Icebreakers are a great showpiece of Finland's Arctic know-how.

    6 Days | INR 86,695 per person

Best time to visit Throughout the year

Definitively the best time to visit Finland is during the summer months of June, July and August. The summer may be short, but the weather is great for outdoors. The summer months bring warm weather, and are the perfect time to visit the south. The good thing about summer is that almost all the attractions are accessible; rent a car and drive to visit its cities, beautiful countryside, forests, lakes and castles at your own pace. The forest floor is rejuvenated, wildlife is more active and frozen lakes become navigable by boat again. It is best for enjoying the sauna, going for walks, swimming in the lake or hitting the amazing beaches. Experience the Midsummer festivities renting your own cottage by a lake, join the revival of Midsummer dance traditions in the city or explore its music festivals, including heavy metal concerts.

Winter is considered to start somewhere around end of November and it goes on until early April. There will be plenty of snow around and ski resorts or Lapland are the place you can most of winter. Go for dog sledding, reindeer sleigh rides, ice climbing, snow shoeing, ice swimming, go visit Santa's village and, hello, the magical Northern Lights. Christmas and New Year's Eve is the biggest holiday in Finland, when everyone feasts on Christmas treats, attends religious ceremonies and exchanges gifts.

In Southern Finland, spring begins at the end of March whereas, in the north, spring comes at the end of April. The nature goes through a great deal of change as the snow and ice melt away, trees sprout leaves and plants begin to grow. The coastal areas are pretty nice in spring time, although most summer destinations and services are still closed.

Autumn is amazing, and it would be to see all the different bushes and trees change their colour, from green to different tones of yellow, brown and red. It is a perfect moment to see the Northern lights since there are more hours of night time than in summer. Photographers will relish the New England-style burst of autumnal colour in September and October, when prices are often be lower.

How to reach


  • By far the busiest airport in Finland, Helsinki Vantaa is the main point of arrival for visitors flying into the country as it serves over 50 airlines and connects Finland with virtually every part of the globe.

  • Most international flights to Finland arrive at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, an international airport with good international and domestic connections. Once in your destination, you can continue your journey from the airport to the town centre by bus or airport taxi - in Helsinki, you can even take a local train directly from the airport.


  • Public transport is well organised here. Most towns and cities have local bus services. Helsinki has buses, trams, local trains and a metro. There's also a nationwide network of train, bus and air services. Efficient and integrated bus, metro and tramway services, suburban rail lines and ferry services connect Helsinki to all major cities.

  • Finnish trains are spacious, comfortable and clean. There are approximately 6.000 km of rail networks with modern rolling stock all over Finland. The Finnish railway company VR operates an extensive rail service around Finland.


  • Taxis are readily available and can be found in all big cities. Additionally, one taxi station can always be found next to the railway station. Taxi drivers are reliable and usually speak English, however the cost may be quite expensive.


  • Finland's many lakes, islands and canals are linked by an extensive network of canal boats, vintage steamers, and ferries - large and small, and travelling around the coast among the many beautiful archipelagos is also possible by cruise and ferry.