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Of sumo and the shinkansen, sake and serenity, there's much more to the Land of the Rising Sun than impecable etiquette, origami, anime and technology. Look out for ancient Shinto shrines that lie lanes away from karaoke bars, bustling markets and silent museums, kabuki theatre and rush hour at Shibuya, futuristic gaming and Japanese porcelain. Every turn leads to something new here in Japan as skycrapers rub shoulders with quaint tea houses. A fascinating amalgamation of urban development with ancient culture, head out to Japan's countryside for stunning landscape and picturesque small towns.

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Things to do

Lake Ashi Cruise - Lake Ashi or Hakone Lake is a scenic lake in the Hakone area of Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan. It is a crater lake that lies along the southwest wall of the caldera of Mount Hakone, a complex volcano.The lake is known for its views of Mt. Fuji and its numerous hot springs.

Disneyland - A Disney theme park is fun no matter how old you are. Begin at the World Bazaar, especially if you have younger children, with a ride on the Omnibus. Hitch a ride on the Western River Railroad in Adventureland along with wildlife expeditions on the Jungle Cruise and Pirates of the Caribbean for the brave hearted.

The Tokyo Tower - With 333 meters, Tokyo Tower is 13 meters taller than its model, the Eiffel Tower of Paris, and the world's tallest self-supporting steel tower. It was completed in the year 1958 as a symbol for Japan's rebirth as a major economic power, and serves as a television and radio broadcast antenna and tourist attraction.

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  • Of Samurais and Shoguns, shrines and castles, the land of the rising sun has much to see beyond the changing traffic lights of Shibuya junction in Tokyo. A fascinating week that covers everything from deer in Nara Park to Hiroshima and the neon lights of Osaka, this is essential Japan.

    9 Days | INR 149,422 per person
  • Begin your holiday under Tokyo's bright city lights before you head over to Kyoto's UNESCO world heritage sites. Don't forget to make time for a traditional tea ceremony and to try on a Kimono before you end your week in Cultural Japan.

    8 Days | INR 117,822 per person
  • From Michelin-starred restaurants to super efficient bullet trains, there's something magical about Japan wherever you go. Watch the world come alive with a fascinating theme-park extravaganza that covers everywhere from Disneyland and DisneySea to Universal Studios in Osaka.

    7 Days | INR 90,676 per person
  • A romantic week in Japan, complete with nights out in Tokyo's blinding city lights and days that begin in serene gardens under swaying gingko trees. Spend a couple of days here before you move on to Kyoto with its UNESCO world heritage sites, Nara deer park and the golden pavilion of Kinkakuji Temple.

    7 Days | INR 139,460 per person
  • This conglomeration of islands amalgamates the best of history, architecture and nature. Begin your holiday under Tokyo's bright city lights before you head over to Kyoto's UNESCO world heritage sites. Don't forget to make time for a traditional tea ceremony and try on a Kimono before you end your week in beautiful Japan.

    7 Days | INR 153,440 per person
  • Tradition and technology go hand in hand in this country of four islands. Begin your holiday under Tokyo's bright city lights - from the famous Shibuya Crossing to the cheerful izakayas. Head over to Kyoto's UNESCO world heritage sites and get a glimpse of the age old traditions. Try some ramen at Osaka and let the beautiful view of Mt. Fuji take over you while on a cruise on Lake Ashi.

    7 Days | INR 170,800 per person

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Best time to visit Throughout the year

Japan is truly a year-round destination. Japanese seasons and Japanese culture is truly intermingled, and the people of Japan celebrate every changing season. Locations to the west and south will be slightly warmer, while locations to the north are slightly colder.

Spring (March to May) is perfect for the 'sakura' (cherry blossoms) with everyone out in local parks for 'hanami' (flower viewing).

July is the month of Gion Matsuri, Kyoto's biggest and popular annual festival.

Late autumn (September to November) is pleasant weather as well with little rainfall, clear skies and mild temperatures. Japan's historic temples and castles can be best enjoyed now.

If you'd like to experience Japan with less tourists around, the colder months of December to February are ideal. Snowfall makes Japan an incredible ski and snowboarding destination.

How to reach


  • Nearly all major airlines and airports offer flights to Japan.

  • The Country's most important international airport is in Tokyo, Narita Airport, followed by Osaka's Kansai Airport, Tokyo's Haneda Airport and Nagoya Airport. All airports have links the city with several Asian destinations.

  • Domestic flights are most definitely an option if you're planning to visit far-flung corners of the archipelago. Country's transportation infrastructure is right up with some of the finest of the world.


  • Transportation can be a little on the expensive side in Japan. The bullet trains, the shinkansen, are awesome, comfortable, and fast, but expensive.

  • It is recommended to grab an unlimited-travel day ticket or IC card offered at station windows for easy and uninterrupted travel. The subway systems or underground railway network in Tokyo is usually the fastest and most convenient way to get around the city.


  • Ferrying is one of the most pleasant ways of travelling around this island nation.

  • Some popular routes include Tokyo-Tokushima and Osaka-Kitakyushu.

  • Traffic can be bad with tricky parking in cities and high toll charges on the expressways; self-driving isn't recommended.