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Kenya and Tanzania

Home to the very notion of conservation itself, Kenya is as much about conservancies as it is about the safaris. After a near holocaust thanks to poaching in 1980s, Kenya is now a pioneer in the safety of numerous endangered species. At un[travel], we promote safaris at conservancies that places communities at the center of wildlife conservation. By improving conservation incentives and involving the local community, conservancies in Kenya are protecting livelihoods while conserving the wildlife. From community conservancies in Maasai Mara to the private conservancies in Laikipia Nature Conservancy, Ol Pejeta Wildlife Conservancy and Rukinga, impact tourism finds meaning in Kenya.

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Things to do

Safari at Lewa Conservancy in Laikipia - For an incredible safari experience and witnessing the ‘elephant corridor’ project that alleviates the pressure between humans and these migrating giants. Get to know more about the conservation efforts focused on black rhinos and Grevy's zebras.

Traditional Turkana Wedding - Forget the unsustainable destination weddings and get married in the traditional Turkana way. With homestays in the village itself, all that you spend goes to support the livelihood of the local community.

Stay at Porini Mara Camp - Porini Mara Camps are fine, eco-camps that stresses on the need to provide livelihood to the local community. Guided safaris and community interaction are highlights of a stay here.

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  • Impact: The local supplier endeavors to conserve key global ecosystems through co-existence between wildlife and humans while using profitable tourism as the commercial instrument. These include waste management, reforestation, empowering and training disadvantaged local women.

    5 Days | INR 0 per person
  • Impact: You stay in environmentally-friendly Eco-Camps which have been established in exclusive Wildlife Conservancies and are carefully managed to ensure that local communities, the environment and visitors benefit from their Conservancy concept.

    5 Days | INR 0 per person
  • Impact: You stay in environmentally-friendly Eco-Camps which have been established in exclusive Wildlife Conservancies and are carefully managed to ensure that local communities, the environment and visitors benefit from their Conservancy concept.

    5 Days | INR 0 per person
  • The ceaseless spirit of adventure and romance makes Kenya the gem of African Continent. A true Kenya journey starts and ends in astonishing wonder, and assimilation of various life changing experiences. Kenya - The name is synonymous with the word 'safari'. With an abundant wildlife, amazing landscapes such as the Great African Rift Valley and accessible National Parks, Kenya is a safari adventurers' ecstasy.

    6 Days | INR 0 per person
  • With its expansive, diverse landscapes and formidable animal life, Kenya is arguably the scenic-richcountry in the whole Africa.Throw in that sense of being in a place that hasn't changed for centuries, and sometimes millennia, and you get some of the most inspiring, and inspired, charming destinations on the planet. For wildlife diehards, there is nothing better than spending time watching the elephants and other wildlife from the Treetops.

    5 Days | INR 0 per person
  • Where better for a first taste of wild Africa than Kenya? Escape to the wilderness and charm of Kenya. Venture deep into the forests;Play a thrilling game of hide and seek with the diverse wildlife!
    This is where safaris were born. Explore the vast landscape with the chance to see all the Big Five - the African elephant, lion, Cape buffalo, rhinoceros and leopard.

    5 Days | INR 0 per person

People who've travelled with us

untravel testimonial Aishwerya Raghav

Aishwerya Raghav

un[travelled] to Kenya

rightimgYou guys really live live up to your saying "NO BAD TRIPS". Our trip was a resounding success. The 6 days we spent in Kenya will be dear to us for the rest of our lives. The organisation of the trip was perfect. We always felt special. The hotels were clean. The car provided was also excellent. You guys really live up to your commitments. The tour planner of un[travel] has shown exceptional skill in organising this trip. He was available for us for the trip related queries. Thank you guys for this great trip.rightimg

untravel testimonial Pashyanti Singh

Pashyanti Singh

un[travelled] to Kenya

rightimgWe had a great experience with untravel. They planned our honeymoon for us. We finalised on Kenya and everything from their representative to the hotel to the safaris was just perfect. They coordinated everything for us to have a hassle free vacation. Thank you so much Untravel for making our vacation so memorable. :)rightimg

untravel testimonial Sahil


un[travelled] to Kenya

rightimgTeam un[travel] designed an absolutely unforgettable trip to Kenya for us newly weds. Each and every detail was considered when they made the schedule. Kenya was definitely an offbeat destination. You guys managed it beautifully! Having seen Masai Mara on tv, we felt as if we were in one of Nat Geo's videos! A special thanks to Mayank from the team un[travel] and Douglas who was our guide there for all the support provided.rightimg

untravel testimonial Dipa


un[travelled] to Kenya

rightimgHad a super trip, starting with Titu Roy making all the arrangements and answering the innumerable questions. We stayed at the Sopa Lodges in Amboseli, Naivasha and Mara. These were lovely. We enjoyed the comfort and the service at all the lodges and especially the fantastic locations. Naivasha Sopa was the most luxurious and the grounds were awesome. We were right near the lake and the experience of seeing 30 to 40 Hippos grazing on the lawns at night is unforgettable. Mucheri our driver and guide were great. He was very informative and good fun. Many many thank to un[travel] and Safari trails for making our trip so memorable.rightimg

Best time to visit June to October & January to February

Kenya is one of the few nations which have braved all odds to become what it is now and becomes Continent's emerging tourist destinations. Its rich and diverse landscapes, wildlife and cultures allure tourists from far-off places. January is an excellent time to spot wildlife. Temperatures are hot but there will be slight drizzles to cool things down. Summer, from December through March is the optimum and the best time for safari and wildlife viewing. The annual migration of wildlife beasts between Serengeti National Park in Tanzania and Maasai Mara National Park in Kenya takes place between July and October. Migration reaches the Masai Mara in July and remains until October when they recede to the Serengeti in Tanzania. The southern part of Kenya enjoys rainy seasons in the end of April to mid-July and from September to mid-October. In the north, it is from July to September. This season also can be good times to travel as there are fewer visitors and you can admire the striking emerald vegetation of Kenya. December can good view of migratory birds and new born animals. The rains are pretty much unpredictable here in kenya. If you are planning to hit the beaches, Untravel recommends you to avoid the coastline during the March to late May season, as temperatures and rainfall are at their peak.

June 13.4/26.50 C
July 12.9/26.70 C
August 13.8/26.80 C
September 14.7/28.40 C
October 15.4/28.90 C
November 15.0/26.40 C

How to reach


  • There are five main airports in Kenya, and a number of airstrips. Jomo Kenyatta International Airport is the main international airport, and it is located in capital Nairobi. Comparatively the most fastest and comfortable manner of transportation in Kenya is by planes.

  • There are a few domestic airlines to choose from that link the most popular safari destinations and provide services to cities.


  • Many of the roads in rural part are not in good condition, particularly in the wet seasons when these roads often become impassable.

  • Untravel recommends you to avoid driving in Kenyan roads. Take a taxi instead.

  • Travelling at night can be dangerous, as there are threats of carjacking and road accidents.

  • If you're on a budget, buses are the best and cheapest way to travel. Large buses and privately owned minibuses (matatus) cut across the country and link the major towns.

  • If you want to travel shorter distances, your best bet would be a Bicycle taxi or a tuk-tuk.


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