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Malaysia never disappoints; whatever the tapestry of your dream holiday. It's so many things at the same time: cityscapes, colonial architecture, substantial retail therapy, foodie haven, tea plantations and traditional island life. Not to mention the usual traveller's menu of beaches, forests and the heritage stuff.
Divided almost cleanly into two by the South China Sea, and united by a delectable array of diverse cuisines, Malaysia, to a visitor, is two-countries-in-one. The peninsular part of Malaysia has all the urban trappings with the glamour capital city Kuala Lumpur or KL leading the list. Cross the South China to Malaysia's share of Borneo for the other side of the coin.

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Things to do

Mulu Show Caves - The show caves are one of the most breath-taking attractions here. Take a longboat along the river to the entrances of the Clearwater Cave and the Cave of the Winds.

Kinabalu National Park - Post breakfast, you set out to get a glimpse of the Kampong lifestyle at the small town of Tamparuli, where you shimmy across the Jambatan Tamparuli, a suspension bridge and the landmark, to get to the clump of people awaiting you.

Gomantong Cave - Arrive at Gomantong Forest reserve and plank walk into the Gomantong Cave, the largest bird's nest cave in Sabah.

Kota Kinabalu - Boat about 20 minutes into the cluster of islands that make up the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park, where you will be guided by an expert on the finer points of snorkelling, before you go through your initiation.

Bako National Park - Wake up today for a drive to the fishing village of Baka where you will aboard a boat to enjoy a 30 minute ride along the coast to end up at the Bako National Park.

Related Trips

  • A 438 square kilometre expanse of undisturbed lowland rainforest and home to incredible flora and fauna, Danum Valley Rainforest is known for its rich insect fauna and is home to over 275 species of birds, over 15,000 species of plants and innumerable animals. This is the place you get to meet the rare Bornean pygmy elephant as well as the Bornean orang-utans, the Muller's Bornean gibbons and the Bornean rhinoceros, along with other primates and wild cats.

    4 Days | INR 115,840 per person
  • A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Mulu National Park encapsulates karst formations and explorative caves in a mountainous equatorial rainforest setting. The pinnacle formations of Gunung Api and Benarat are spectacular examples of limestone that centuries of water has eroded; This has dissolved the rock into razor sharp spikes which knife skywards through the surrounding rainforest.

    4 Days | INR 32,877 per person
  • Borneo is where you come to visit those dark and seemingly impenetrable jungles because what may be inaccessible anywhere else is a much sought after tour here! Equatorial rain forests rich in plant, animal and insect species, a diverse multicultural society, a splendiferous cuisine both diverse and delicious, and a warm bunch of people with an inborn sense of hospitality: that's Borneo for you.

    7 Days | INR 103,415 per person
  • Did you know the island of Borneo is the third largest island in the world? And when at Borneo, you could be standing on the equator, that imaginary contour that carves the world into two hemispheres? And that Borneo hosts one of the oldest rainforests on the earth which is also the most bio-diverse location on the globe? As you land at Kota Kinabalu or KK, you will sense that the vistas in store are close at hand.

    5 Days | INR 103,029 per person
  • Here's an adventurous trip in the jungles of Borneo, where you get to climb the highest peak of Borneo and raft in the roaring waters of Kiulu. At 4095 metres, the summit of Mount Kinabalu is not an easy ascent but the rewards all along the way are too tempting to give up.

    4 Days | INR 46,845 per person
  • Of Orangutans, wildlife and village culture, this is the complete Borneo experience. The guided tours of Matang Wildlife Centre and the Kubah National Park act as a primary introduction to the wildlife of the area. Visit the Semenggoh Orangutan Centre and make use of the opportunity to study and observe these gentle creatures of the jungle and learn about their rehabilitation techniques.

    7 Days | INR 70,229 per person

Best time to visit March - September

Malaysia is a good summer destination. The country's capital and west coast are hot all year round, making it an ideal place to visit anytime of the year. The best time to visit the east coast of the peninsula is from April or May to October, when you can expect calm waters and clear blue skies.

Malaysia sees a fair amount of rain year round and it's not at all unusual to see a heavy downpour in the middle of summer season, but it's likely to be gone as quickly as it arrived. The wetter months in Kuala Lumpur are from March to April and September to November. West coast of Peninsular Malaysia (Penang and Langkawi) experiences sunny, dry weather in November & February.

Most of the top attractions in Malaysia can be experienced year round such as scaling Mt. Kinabalu, exploring the national parks and caves, or engaging in water sports. Festive colours of Malaysia can be fully enjoyed in Chinese New year celebration, Eid and Diwali, on the month of February, June and October.

April 25.5/370 C
May 26.2/35.40 C
June 25.7/35.70 C
July 25.2/35.30 C
August 25.2/36.10 C
September 25.5/36.20 C

How to reach


  • Almost all international flights to Malaysia arrive in Kuala Lumpur International Airport, followed by Kota Kinabalu and Penang Airports.

  • Malaysia has good 30 additional commercial domestic airports.


  • There are train services throughout peninsular Malaysia.

  • The mainline runs from north to south between the Thai border and Singapore, with stops at Penang, Kuala Lumpur, and Johor Bahru.

  • The Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTM) train service also offers rail passes that can be obtainable at major stations.


  • The cheapest way to travel in Malaysia is by bus. All towns of any size have a bus terminal offering connections to other parts of the country.

  • Intercity taxis in the capital run on metered fare. Rates depend on the distance you plan to travel on taxis running downtown.

  • Desks for major car-rental services can be found at the international airports in Kuala Lumpur and Penang, and additional outlets throughout the country.

  • Coastal ferries sail frequently between major ports.

  • Air-conditioned express boats can be handy in rainy or summer season.

  • River buses and taxis are easily available at request.


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