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Kipling said it just right. 'This is Burma. It is quite unlike any place you know about.' A century later, Burma is Myanmar and it's as mesmerizing as it was to the creator of Mowgli. And the lifting of a 50-year-old Western sanction on tourism is bringing a renewed synergy to its shores.
A land of faith and archaic traditions, development has not yet taken over the charm of this land and its hospitable people. Myanmar remains a yet-to-be-discovered land of magic where simple pleasures matter, and the traveller steps into a world where the stupas and traditional life has endured for centuries and continues to do so. The to-do list here is pretty packed and is an eclectic mix of architecture, natural splendour and cultural experiences.

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Things to do

Cycling Excursion through Kalaw- The fact that there is half a day designated to explore the villages that are home to the Pa'O people should tell how significant they and their culture are to the entire populace of the state of Shan. The second largest ethnic group that is found here, the highlight of their polish is found in the togetherness they effuse when they gather together forgetting the boundaries fathomed by fences for the Fire Rocket festival.

Boating on the Inle- Travel to Inle lake from Kalaw today for a variety of awe-inspiring views that will make you go 'whoa!'; from the floating gardens and the stilt house villages to the most peculiar yet fascinating method of leg rowing utilized by the local fishermen.

Visit to the Chin Villages- Drop in at the Chin villages and meet the famous tattooed women and their families. Tattooing their faces, according to legend was a practice done by mothers on their daughters in order to save them from the lustful hands of the King.

Sule and Shwedagon Pagodas- The Burmese stupa located in the heart of downtown Yangon, in addition to being the centre of the city also occupies a very prominent space in contemporary Burmese politics, ideology and geography. It is more than 2,500 years old and legend states that the site for the world famous Shwedagon Pagoda was revealed by an old 'nat', or holy spirit, who resided at the place where the Sule Pagoda now stands.

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Best time to visit November-February

Myanmar's Climate can be described as tropical monsoon climate. However, conditions differ widely from place to place due to the country's different topographical situations. The best time of year to visit Myanmar is between November and February. This can be tricky in the sense that the water levels can be low in rivers, making it impossible to make long distance and travel in night time. Myanmar is hugely dry from October to May, and the wet from May/June to early October. Bagan and Mandalay are the hottest, driest regions, where temperatures can reach astronomical highs.

From February until the beginning of the rainy season in October, much of the country, especially north of the country can be dusty and hazy, sometimes hindering long-distance views. Summer season is the best time to find tasty and healthy Durian-famously known as 'The King of Fruits' throughout South East Asian Countries.

March 25.2/38.90 C
April 28.1/41.10 C
May 29.0/38.40 C
June 27.7/34.30 C
July 26.6/32.70 C
August 26.3/32.90 C

How to reach


  • Yangon International Airport is the largest in Myanmar. Yangon has direct international flights to Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Doha and Dubai.

  • Several private airlines serve domestic routes, in addition to the state-run Myanmar Airways.

  • The capital, Nay Pyi Taw, also offers some direct international flights.


  • Trains are obtainable easily.


  • You can flag down bus or taxis almost anywhere.Road travel can be slow and bumpy, at times.