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Norway is definitely more than its fjords, its celestial ballet of lights and the midnight sun. With one of the most gorgeous landscapes on any terrain, it is a once-in-a-lifetime-experience, well-worth what your wallet shells out. It doesn't matter whether you choose to visit Norway's captivating capital city Oslo or its cluster of cosmopolitan cities, or seek out its laidback and less-known places. It's going to be innumerable breath-taking vistas, insatiable adventures and the most amazing of wide open spaces.
Norway is blessed with more nature packed into its panorama than any other country in the world. And add to that, brilliant celestial lights, steep fjords, fresh mountain air, river valleys, forests, glaciers, ice fields, rugged coasts, tiny fishing hamlets, rocky coastal islands and mountainsides dotted with charismatic wildlife. The diversity of Norway's animal and bird kingdom is something that deserves special mention. Where else in the world can you watch whales, reindeer, puffins, polar bears, walruses, elks, arctic foxes and migratory seabirds in their natural habitat within one country?

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Things to do

Dog-sledding Across the Arctic Wilderness - Take your time to get to know the hyper active huskies as they prepare to pull you and your sled across glorious arctic landscapes while you keep lookout for the indigenous Norway wilderness. Make your own path along the trackless northern Norway with the uniquely wonderful arctic winter light as your backdrop.

Snowmobile Safari in Tromso - Gliding your way to heights of about 875m for a lavish view of the Tromso area, try your hand at a bit of ice fishing at the top of the mountain. No matter what you are yet to see, this tour promises to be one which you will reminisce for years to come.

Hurtigruten Cruise to the Snow Hotel - This iconic cruise takes you through amazing fjords and connects you to isolated villages inaccessible by road. After a tour of Norway's glorious coast, spend a night or two in the wondrously quirky snow hotel where everything you can imagine and more is made of ice.

Northern Lights - An experience that largely rides on your luck, it is one which will leave you awestruck and stay with you forever. A mesmerising show of multiple colours sprayed across the black sky, this is a natural phenomenon which is nothing short of magic.

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  • The largest town in northern Norway, Tromso, is a lively destination offering much in culture, excitement, and entertainment and that too around the clock. Head out into the open as the evening sets in, to see the Northern Lights, a celestial ballet that's the best of aesthetics in the region.

    6 Days | INR 121,859 per person
  • Lying entirely within the Arctic Circle, the largest island of the Svalbard archipelago is truly rugged, wild, and unspoiled. One of the earth's possible last frontiers, about midway between Norway and the North Pole, this prolific holiday destination offers some stunning, untampered vistas and heavenly solitude.

    8 Days | INR 351,398 per person
  • Oslo has well-connected open spaces which are pedestrian friendly, so do gallivant the streets of this captivating capital city in search of its best.

    6 Days | INR 81,406 per person
  • Get ready for a never-before experience in the land of incomparable vistas. Join an escorted voyage to the marvels of Northern Norway, the kingdom of light. Witness mesmerizing landscapes and unparalleled views of the Northern Lights.

    7 Days | INR 225,285 per person
  • With a backdrop that stuns at the very first glance, Norway is one of the most beautiful countries of the world. With majestic, snow-clad mountain peaks, wild waterfalls and lush green vegetation and the fjords unique to the region, its vistas are incomparable.

    8 Days | INR 141,793 per person
  • Travelling is all about doing the extraordinary. Imagine a hotel that is rebuilt each winter and where the temperature is maintained between -4 and -6 degrees Celsius! Wouldn't that be the coolest of hotels ever? The Snow Hotel in the Arctic town of Kirkenes is one such place and an adventure not to miss on a trip to Norway.

    4 Days | INR 123,277 per person

Best time to visit November - March

Norwegian weather has something for everyone. In summer there's a fair chance of bright and sunny days, and temperatures rise for you to take the fluffy jacket off. May to early September is well lit up and the spring-summer is in full swing. Cascading waterfalls and a burst of colourful flowers all around the country gives it a surreal look. To untravel Norway, we would say this is the best time. The midnight sun shows up and the days are longer as you travel northwards of Norway. Between September and January the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights can often be seen. In winter temperatures drops to freezing point and daylight is limited to a few hours.

March -2.7/7.20 C
April 2.9/11.80 C
May 8.4/15.90 C
June 12.4/19.80 C
July 15.2/24.50 C
August 13.5/20.10 C

How to reach


  • Norway has a good number of 50 airports, eight of which are international.

  • Most foreigners arrive at Oslo Airport.

  • Several of the airports in the region have direct flights from abroad and from the biggest cities in Norway.

  • Domestic flights can be used to make the most of Norway and remote destinations like the North Cape and Svalbard.


  • Renting and travelling by car provide you the ultimate joy and freedom to go at your own pace and place of your liking.

  • Norway's bus system is excellent, linking remote villages along the fjords.

  • The easiest way to access and enjoy fjords is yacht or boat taxis.

  • Norway has a remarkably varied topography making a best place for cycling. Take gentle rides through quaint villages and magnificent nature.


  • The state-owned Norwegian State Railways runs both local and regional trains and takes passengers along one of the world's steepest and most scenic railways.

  • The trains make frequent stops for passengers to enjoy breathtaking views of fabled mountains, gorges, white-water rivers, and fjords.

  • The Bergen Railway is one of Europe's highest railway lines stretching from Bergen to Oslo.