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Located at the crossroads of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, Europe and Africa, Spain is a scintillating essence of history, art and culture. It's a peerless gem has some terrific inland destinations, exceptional maritime, and host of beautiful places to explore. Find unique monuments, as well as outstanding museums and masterpieces of universal art. Barring monuments and artefacts, the cities of Barcelona, Madrid, or Valencia are the' destination for popular festivities and excellent nightlife.
Spain is also known for its notable artistic exports, in the form of Antoni Gaudi, Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso. Its rich repositories include the Prado Museum, Royal palace, El Escorial, Sagrada Familia, Bellver Castle, Alhambra and many more. From scintillate traditional settings to the latest fashionable venues, from the most renowned wines to newcomers on the market, this country will fascinate you in every step you make.

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Things to do

Majestic Madrid in one go - Modern yet incredibly old, the Spanish capital of Madrid is famous for its throbbing architecture and scintillating spectacles. Scroll through Madrid's numerous medieval mansions, royal palaces, and Gothic churches that provide a picture-perfect backdrop for present metropolitan life.

Wine tour of Ribera Del Duero - Spain produces some of the world's most exquisite wine. Drive to Ribera Del Duero, the heart of the Ribera Del Duero region. Explore countries major wine regions, styles of wine and detailed maps of the unique geography, climate and soil. Visit wineries and get a chance to taste cellared wines.

Barcelona and medieval gothic architecture - Admire Barcelona Cathedral (Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia), one of the magnificent Gothic church located in front of Placa de la Seu, in the charming Gothic Quarter of Barcelona. The Cathedral of Saint Eulalia is still one of the largest and most imposing structure represents Gothic-style, Catalan architecture dating back to the 13th century!

Enjoy a 'Tapas' dinner - Accompany a Spanish local to quaint bars and taverns, and get introduced to an entire neighborhood specializing in Tapas - Spain's very own culinary trait. Take an entertaining cue from the Spaniards by serving a series of shareable small plates. Stop at traditional tavern and a visit some of the oldest taverns of Madrid.

Related Trips

  • Everything has a flair here in Spain. A country known for its fiestas, flamencos and culinary feasts, Spain is about celebrating the good things in life. And what better time than to be there on the eve of the fames 'La Tomatina' Festival. Get a feel of the city of Madrid before heading to Valencia to take on the 'tomato squad' in Bunol. Throw, fight and get drenched in fresh tomato squeeze. You also get to take back 'Tomatina' merchandise.

    8 Days | INR 67,073 per person
  • If you're thinking of Spain and Portugal, think sea, Sangria, and more! Celebrate only the good things in life with a seven-day trip to three handpicked locations in this Mediterranean country and across the border at Portugal. They offer you a heavy dose of art, history and culture that is unmatched.

    7 Days | INR 64,641 per person
  • Spain, with its rich history, beautiful sceneries and sublime food, is truly a traveller's paradise. From medieval castles and towers to modernist and art deco architecture, Spain has all to make you gasp. Exceptional vistas, lively festivals and buzzing nightlife all make the visit to Spain truly special.

    8 Days | INR 101,448 per person
  • Monumental buildings to classical architecture, the stately city of Madrid is bountiful with capitulating nightlife and pulsating leisure activities. A cocktail of intriguing culture and exciting atmosphere make Madrid a truly refreshing place to hold close. Experience the pride and energy of Barcelona, and admire city's modernista and famed art pieces.

    5 Days | INR 40,495 per person
  • Spain, truly, is a country that endears itself to all. Immerse yourself in the luring architecture, picturesque landscape, buzzing life with lots of activities. It is also a country full of rich history, breathtaking cities, amazing food and endless discoveries!

    8 Days | INR 84,679 per person
  • Visit five selected cities in Spain and Portugal to discover the many the cultural highlights and attractions that they have to offer. You can find the heart and soul of both Spain and Barcelona in tourist attractions such as these, which represent its tumultuous history and rich culture.

    12 Days | INR 106,478 per person

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Best time to visit March - May

Spain enjoys a continental climate. The best time to visit the country is in the fall (September to November) or spring (March to May). Peak tourist season is summer. Autumn is a particularly attractive season, bringing golden colours to its varied landscapes. The warm temperatures normally continue through to late October, making this time of year one of the most recommendable for visiting the city.

March 4.9/18.90 C
April 7.5/23.10 C
May 11.8/28.50 C
June 17.4/32.70 C
July 21.1/37.80 C
August 20.2/36.70 C

How to reach


  • There are many airports in Spain located on mainland and islands.

  • Each airport varies in size and offers many flights to and from Spain.

  • Madrid Barajas Airport, Barcelona Airport and Palma De Mallorca Airports are some of the busiest.

  • Almost all airports cover both international and domestic operations, and also to regional locations around Europe.

  • There are excellent air connections between the major Spanish cities. All flights are shorter than two hours (except the ones to the Canary Islands).


  • Spain has good transport system allows you to get around the city quickly and safely by bus, metro, train or taxi.

  • Radio taxis and Tele taxies are easily accessible.


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