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Medieval towns, scenic villages, modern art galleries and some of world's best landscapes - Switzerland just cannot be overlooked by any un[traveller]. This is a country which has, from time immemorial, drawn tourists with varied tastes towards it. The main draw is definitely the great outdoors. Hiking and biking trails inspire the summertime madness here while skis and snowboards slide down the mountainside of Graubanden and Bernese Oberland during the perfect powdery winters. Braving the chill, rafters take on the waters of Latschine and the mountaineers are still awed by the stunning but dangerous Matterhorn. The hunger pangs are satiated by the gooey cheese dips, air-dried meat and for dessert, Switzerland offers its world famous chocolates, all by the riverside cafes in Zurich. The joy of taking a train ride to Jungfraujoch, the highest station in Europe, is an experience that is yet to be matched. There is no dearth of placid and gorgeous lakes in this part of Europe and unlike most countries, you can even swim in some of them.

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Things to do

Trip to Jungfraujoch-Quite possibly Europe's most famous peak, Jungfraujoch has the highest railway station in Europe. Take the train up, through the Eiger and Monch mountains to the 'top of Europe'. With unbelievable panoramic views, Jungfraujoch has a weather station named 'The Sphinx', with restaurants, souvenir shops, viewing terraces and an ice palace as well.Head back to Interlaken for the night.

Zermatt-Village Tour-Think Toblerone. The Matterhorn, Switzerland's most iconic mountain, looms over this quaint Swiss town. Zermatt is that perfect traffic-free village with horse-drawn carriages and electric vehicles with distinct old-world charm around every corner. A nearly 2-hour journey would take you from Montreux to Zermatt. If you'd rather not attempt the gruelling trek up Matterhorn, make your way to the Matterhorn museum instead. Head past quaint chalets to Bahnhofstrasse, with its boutiques and restaurants for dinner with a view.

Lucerne - Interlaken on Golden Pass Line-Switzerland's most photographed railway line, the Golden Pass Line is as spectacular as its pictures, if not more. A serene scenic route that runs about 150 miles from Lake Geneva to Lucerne, you haven't un[travelled] Switzerland if you haven't been on this train. Look out for views of Lake Lucerne as you head towards the Brunig Pass and Mount Pilates.

Bernina Express to Saint Moritz-Take the Bernina Express train out to Tirano from Lugano today. Another mesmerizing journey, stunning landscape stays with you right through a little over two hours. Hop on a bus from Tirano on to St. Moritz.

Related Trips

  • Switzerland's most photographed railway line, the Golden Pass Line is as spectacular as its pictures, if not more. A serene scenic route that runs about 150 miles from Lake Geneva to Lucerne, you haven't un[travelled] Switzerland if you haven't been on this train. Quaint Lucerne has everything from music to chocolate, its stunning lake aside. Head over to Interlaken and the 'top of Europe', Jungfraujoch.

    6 Days | INR 74,400 per person
  • un[travel] stunning Switzerland in a week. Begin your grand train tour of the Swiss Alps at Interaken and its serene lakes. Take the train up to Europe's highest railway station at Jungfraujoch. Switzerland's most photographed railway line, the Golden Pass Line to Montreux, is as spectacular as its pictures, if not more. Think Toblerone. Think Matterhorn; this iconic Swiss mountain looms quaint Zermatt.

    8 Days | INR 103,593 per person
  • Almost as famous as its chocolate, Switzerland's railways are a fascinating way to un[travel] the Alps. Begin at gorgeous Lucerne and make your way to the Italian-speaking Lugano. The Bernina Express takes you out to Tirano and a quick bus ride on to St. Moritz. Possibly the slowest express train, the Glacier Express squeezes its way through to the Matterhorn and Zermatt, to the end of your 'Swiss rail adventure'.

    7 Days | INR 89,580 per person
  • You cannot quite possibly un[travel] any higher than Switzerland when you're in Europe. Begin your holiday in serene Interlaken with its spectacular lakes or the quaint Grindelwald. Make your way up to the 'top of Europe', Jungfraujoch, before you take the Golden Pass Line out to Lucerne. With spectacular views all around, spend your last day out at Engelberg and Mount Titlis.

    5 Days | INR 69,229 per person

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Best time to visit June to September

Summer- No one goes to Switzerland without visiting the mountains and if that is on your itinerary, summers are the best time to experience it. July and August are best in terms of outdoor activities like hiking and cycling. Sightseeing is best done when the sun is the warmest in Switzerland. The shoulder months of late May and early October are perfect if you are looking for reasonable rates and fewer tourists.

Spring - April to May - Spring brings new life to the snow covered cities and the meadows show their brightest side of green. A good time for some short hikes and explore the outdoors.

Winters - November to March - Late October marks the beginning of winter and the mountain resorts get cheaper. This lasts only until early December. Christmas marks the peak period again for these resorts as the ski season begins and this lasts until early April.

How to reach


  • Zurich is the main airport of Switzerland though it's not the only international airport here. Geneva and Basel have important airports and are great for intra-country and intra-Europe travel. Though cost can be a factor.


  • Railways are the most preferred form of transport to get around in Switzerland. All major tourist spots in Switzerland are well connected by rail and they are quite frequent and relatively cheap as compared to air travel. Pristinely clean and orderly, Swiss rail is like nothing you have ever seen.


  • The roads are great for you to take a taxi or opt for a self-drive option. The connectivity by bus is also great in Switzerland.


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