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West Europe

It's quite a task to decide where to go in Western Europe; there is so much to see and experience. From historical landmarks, magnificent monuments, sacred architecture, dramatic mountain ranges, intoxicating lakes, wonderful cuisine, there is much to do here! You have the La Tour Eiffel in Paris, the gondola ride in Venice, the Berlin Wall , the Alps mountain range, just to name a few of the exciting places. A travel around this region is fascinating, and it is interesting to see how the cultures mingle and overlap at the borders of each of these countries, and even within a region of each country.

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Things to do

Explore Venice the City of Water-Like a true rare gem, Venice is enticingly gorgeous and maddeningly elusive. Enjoy the sheer loveliness of an exquisite city that seems miraculously built on water. Although the city's labyrinth of canals and weaving roads can complicate things, getting lost is the best way to discover the city's famed allure. Join guide orientation tour to St. Mark's Square for a walk through the historical centre of the city. Visit a workshop to learn the art of making the world-famous Venetian glass.

Visit Florence-Florence symbolizes the intellectual, artistic and cultural genius of Tuscany. Some of the best places to walk include the Ponte Vecchio, the medieval stone closed-spandrel segmental arch bridge over the Arno River.

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Best time to visit May to October

Western Europe is a year-round travel destination, where any time is a good time to visit some corner of the continent. While each country has different weather, there are a few common trends. The best time to Western Europe is from June to August and September to October. Unfortunately, summer (July and August) is also the most crowded time and can be expensive too. For lower travel rates and significantly shorter lines at attractions, plan a visit in the spring (Apr-June). Remember, that Madrid, Paris and capital cities will see be touristy seeing millions of travellers yearly. The best time to visit such places is in the fall (Sept-Nov), when things are easier to come at reasonable prices. The months of April, May, June, September, and October are very good for travel.

How to reach


  • Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG), located in Paris is the largest airport of France.

  • All cities of France have airports that provide both international and domestic flights. The main international airports in Italy are in Rome and Milan, but those aren't the only international airports in the country.

  • . Cities having international airports with some domestic flights are Milan, Florence, Venice, Rome and Pisa etc.

  • Spain has a large number of airports that offer both domestic and International flights. Madrid Barajas and 'El Prat Airport, Barcelona are the largest and busiest airport in Spain. Zurich Airport and Geneva Airport are the biggest airports in Switzerland.


  • Getting around Italy is generally easy and efficient, thanks to the country's excellent rail network. The public transportation systems within most of the cities are exceptionally good.

  • Rail travel in Europe can be much more than just a return journey; it can be a holiday in itself - a flexible, spontaneous and economical way of exploring a country or a region. High-speed rail in Europe is often quicker and certainly less stressful than flying or driving.

  • . A Euro Rail pass can carry you from major European cities. There are numerous kinds of passes - one-country, multiple-country, first or second class, Global, Youth and more.


  • All the major international rental car firms maintain offices throughout Western Europe. Driving is the simplest way to get around at your pace, but a car is a liability in traffic-plagued, parking-starved city centres.

  • Buses can be best for city-to-city travels. There are a few companies which run multi-country bus routes that offer point-to-point travel between countries, and organized bus tours to various destinations.

  • The relatively small size of European countries makes it possible to cover a lot of cultural ground in few square kilometres, which is especially rewarding by bike. Moreover, it is also an opportunity to get the vibe of the land and chance to interact with locals daily and creates a deeper, more authentic cultural experience.

  • There is nothing more exciting than leisurely meandering through winding country roads of Italy on a Vespa!


  • Cruise along the Riviera's of Italy, France, Portugal and Spain and explore hidden gems and cosmopolitan haunts of the region. Get immersed in the dynamic history, art, and its culture.